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   Chapter 1087 Space Chopping Sword (Part One)

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It was in a warrior's nature to fight. Warriors fought with the other warriors, with their fate and even with the heavens.

In Zen's mind, there was no fear, only excitement when it came to a challenge.

It was only through fighting others that a warrior could truly know his strength. It was competition that allowed one to further advance in the realm of martial arts.

Zen itched to challenge all these divine kingdom talents in front of him. His body screamed to release his strength and engage all of it in a fight to find out just how strong these warriors were compared to him.

However, there was a task at hand. Letitia waited for him back home and he had to collect all the life stones he could carry without ruffling too many feathers. Attracting the attention of the York Divine Kingdom's Holy Maiden and Soul Sea Realm masters would only bring him a whole lot of unnecessary trouble.

So it was rather necessary for him to keep a low profile.

But it seemed Lord Randy was about to change all that. Wherever Zen went, there would always be someone who raised him up for all to see, and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Lord Randy was certainly going to ask him to fight in his place.

Both Lord Randy and the crown prince were in a head to head battle of proving themselves to Turner Zhou, their father and the emperor of their kingdom. Their strength was very much well known but it was their influence that was vital in gauging their true social power.

The crown prince had powerful talents like Edwin and Gregory but Lord Randy only had Zen.

There was a reason why he treated Zen so well. Despite his status, Lord Randy regarded the warrior as an equal and was openly honest towards him. This was because he wan

is arm.


There was a vibration and then a slight buzzing sound.

Soon enough, the light converged into a hazy, long sword that appeared in Logan's hand.

It wasn't a physical sword, but rather, it was the space that was shaped into a long sword—if that made any sense.

Essentially, Logan had used space to forge himself a weapon. It seemed that his proficiency in Space Law allowed him to use it both for defense and offense.

"That's Logan's Space Chopping Sword! Oh man, this is going to be exciting!"

"That's Logan's ultimate skill. For Gregory to force him to use it means he really has driven Logan up to a wall."

"It's truly an impressive feat for Gregory but he should watch out. That Space Chopping Sword is definitely built to cut off an opponent's limbs."

The warriors' discussions reached Gregory's ears. It seemed that this Space Chopping Sword wasn't something to be taken lightly. Gregory's eyes were filled with determination. Who said he was taking this lightly? He was someone who came from nothing and worked hard his entire life to rise and become the top warrior among the younger generation in the Jade Martial House.

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