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   Chapter 1086 Quarrels (Part Two)

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'A warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm possesses a soul at the Fighting Soul Realm? It's impossible. Is it because he has a magic treasure with him that could resist my soul pressure?

But not even the crown prince of the Harlen Divine Kingdom would have such an artifact, much less a mere warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.'

He remained curious but said nothing. His duty was to maintain order during the competition. This matter did not really concern him.

Therefore, he only gave Zen a look and ignored him.

Once the ruckus died down, the battle's outcome had already been decided.

Just as Zen expected, Titus Zhao's attack was fierce and probably the most powerful among the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm present. However, brute strength would not be enough to pull him through this fight. The warriors gathered here were all talented, young individuals with their own trump cards and cultivation methods. Logan Yun's Space Armor was ingenious and proved effective in the fight against Titus.


Titus Zhao crashed onto the ground. He hissed in pain before pulling himself into a kneeling position. "Your majesty! Forgive me. I have failed you!"

Scott smiled in understanding. "Please rise! Victory and defeat are integral parts of a soldier's life! There is nothing to forgive. Do not worry about it!"

The emperor didn't blame him and even comforted him! Nonetheless, Titus Zhao still felt dejected. He was supposed to represent both the Wisteria Martial House and Star Field Divine Kingdom in battle, but he felt that he had failed them and his peers' expectations.

It was a given that the warriors of the Star Field Divine Kingdom all had long faces. Many of them even wante

m to look down on us!"

The atmosphere was heated and Gregory wasted no time. He flew forward and suddenly took out a saber behind him. The blade was thick, resembling the tooth of a wolf and flickered with a faint blue light.

'A warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm has a mid-grade sacred weapon. I wonder if there are divine weapons in the divine kingdoms, ' Zen thought to himself.

He wasn't really concerned with the outcome of this battle. He wasn't born in the Jade Martial House and wasn't really a citizen of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, so he wasn't as invested as the other warriors. The only reason he came here was for Letitia. Still, he needed to observe the battles in order to find out more about the other warriors.

He worried a bit though. Since the crown prince chose Gregory to represent him, could that mean that Lord Randy might also ask him to fight in his place?

It wasn't because he was afraid to fight but, if he went on stage, he was sure to attract the attention of the York Divine Kingdom's Holy Maiden. What should he do then? He still remembered how this Holy Maiden swore to kill him the last time they met.

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