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   Chapter 1085 Quarrels (Part One)

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Logan Yun's proficiency in Space Law was actually more than what the other warriors had expected. Who knew that he had the ability to manipulate space into creating a layer of armor over his body?

The question now was whether his opponent could tear through space.

Majority of the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm did not have the strength to break through space. This meant that there was a high probability for Logan to emerge from this fight unscathed.

Zen couldn't help but be amazed at how profound the inheritances of the four divine kingdoms were. With these inheritances, warriors in the divine kingdoms were supposed to be stronger than those in the Central Region.

Titus Zhao's attack was extremely sharp, but Logan Yun's suppression made it hard for him to unleash his full force.

If only he had the strength to tear apart space or if only he had also been skilled in Space Law, then Titus Zhao would've stood a chance. However, it was becoming quite apparent that his fierce attacks and formidable Fire Law would not be enough to win him this fight.

The result was obvious to Zen at least.

"I'm afraid Titus Zhao will lose," he murmured to himself, but the warriors beside him still heard it.

To put into context: Titus Zhao was heralded as one of the most powerful warriors of the Wisteria Martial House and even in the entire Star Field Divine Kingdom. The warriors from his martial house looked up to him and prayed hard for his victory.

So to suddenly hear an unknown warrior from the Harlen Divine Kingdom proclaim that their hero would lose was unacceptable to them.

"How dare you say that!" one of the warriors from the Wisteria Martial House shouted at Zen. "Are you courting death, you brat?" Zen was quite startled at their outburst, but tried to not take their reactions to heart.

"Titus is our Wisteria Martial House's top warrior! He's also one

to calm the disturbance.

The aura pressed firmly onto the heads of warriors of both martial houses. It was as if there was a solid mountain that bore down on their foreheads and kept them in place. Even Gregory was no exception. His breathing was labored and there was an unexplained heaviness in his limbs so that he couldn't even find the strength to lift a finger.

This was the power of a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm.

Zen was the only one who remained calm and indifferent. He gazed up at the mighty warrior in the distance and gave him a faint smile.

This surprised the warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. He could feel that there was a warrior that had not been affected by his aura at all. He gave Zen a curious look before inevitably retracting his power over the other warriors.

'Since when did the Jade Martial House have such a powerful figure? Even my aura couldn't suppress him!' he thought to himself, positively intrigued.

The soul of a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm was trained to be in the Fighting Soul Realm. Under his aura, those warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm should've effectively been suppressed and unable to move. Zen didn't show any signs of moving, but the warrior at the Soul Sea Realm just knew that he was unaffected.

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