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   Chapter 1084 War Kings And War Emperors (Part Two)

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Since two warriors had already volunteered, the battle commenced.

Once the sparring began, the crowd roared. Warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were extremely strong, and nothing stopped them from showing everyone the depths of their strength and abilities. If they could, they would move mountains and overturn seas just so they could let everyone know how much they shouldn't be messed with.

Two warriors at the Soul Sea Realm on the platform walked down the stairs to wave their hands until they created thin lines that later on formed the enchanted barrier that surrounded the square. The space inside the enchanted barrier was where the battle took place.

The enchanted barrier created by warriors at the Soul Sea Realm wasn't just something that could be broken by any warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

Thinking that those fights didn't have much to do with him, Zen didn't pay that much attention.

After all, he wasn't from any of the four divine kingdoms. What he was more concerned about was entering the Feather Holy Sea.

However, he had no other choice at that time but be patient until a victor was announced.

According to Zen's estimation, that battle wasn't going to last very long. There were only four warriors in the Harlen Divine Kingdom that could be ranked in the first tier. Soon, the warriors who were to represent the entire Harlen Divine Kingdom would only be four people—the crown prince, Lord Randy, Edwin, and Gregory.

Even if the Star Field and York Divine Kingdoms were slightly stronger than the Harlen Divine Kingdom, the number of warriors that could be ranked in the first tier wasn't too many. At most, there could only be around six o

dened by life and death crises, so they were naturally not so naive or easily angered.

That event happened about once each year. The warriors at the Soul Sea Realm didn't care much about the ongoing banter. Their focus was solely on the fight that was happening mid-air.

Titus Zhao had cultivated a polished fire-system cultivation method. In addition, he also seemed to have grasped the third layer of the Fire Law. Within those flames, extreme power of annihilation was contained.

As he sized him up, Zen was able to confirm that Titus Zhao's strength wasn't that simple at all.

But the other warrior named Logan Yun was even stronger. Space was constantly twisting around his body, forcibly blocking all the flames. Was it true that he really was invincible?

'Huh? Did he just use the space power to create thin layers of space to generate an armor?' Zen wondered in his heart. At the certain realization, Zen's eyes flashed. That was the third layer of Space Law. Even to him, that was something he was unable to comprehend for the time being. It was true that the four divine kingdoms really had a very deep foundation.

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