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   Chapter 1083 War Kings And War Emperors (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6265

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"Ha-ha! Warriors of the Star Field Divine Kingdom, I can't wait to see your performances!" Scott cheered exuberantly.

As the emperor of the Star Field Divine Kingdom, he led the warriors behind him to stand on the highest platform.

Among those following him were warriors at both the Life and Death and Virtual Tribulation Realms. In all likelihood, they were the princes and princesses of the Star Field Divine Kingdom.

After Scott had arrived, a bright blue stream of light appeared from not too far away. It went down like a comet, dragging a long trail as it emerged.

When the light approached closer, Zen discovered that it was a grand sword that had been magnified countless times.

"The emperor of the York Divine Kingdom has arrived!" Some people were able to identify the great sword's origin.

As expected, when the huge sword stopped at the riverbank, some powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm showed up, followed by hundreds more.

The same sharp voice announced again, "War Emperor York of the York Divine Kingdom has arrived!"

Compared to Scott of the Star Field Divine Kingdom, War Emperor York's personality was a bit more dismal. He flew through the square without a word and brought his men directly to the platform.

As Zen took a closer look, he saw a woman with a veil covering her face right behind War Emperor York. His eyebrows twitched slightly, and he shrunk back into the crowd.

That woman was none other than the Holy Maiden of the York Divine Kingdom.

At that time, Zen had no idea about the current standing of the Holy Maiden in their divine kingdom. If she happened to recognize him, was it possible that the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm of the York Divine Kingdom could come after him?

Both Scott and War Emperor York were at the Soul Sea Realm. There was a gap in terms of strength among warriors at

towards the bottom of the platform to take a bow. "Your Majesty, I, Titus Zhao, am representing the Wisteria Martial House."

Being the emperor of the Star Field Divine Kingdom, Scott naturally had a good knowledge of the young warriors of theirs. He seemed to be quite confident of Titus Zhao. Smiling proudly, he said, "Good! Today, you shall fight. Now, who wants to challenge this young man?"

As soon as Scott finished speaking, a beam of light flashed. It was another warrior who charged his way to the foot of the platform. He was from the York Divine Kingdom and looked rather well-built and was quite tall.

"I, Logan Yun from Shadow Martial House of York Divine Kingdom, would like to challenge you."

A faint smile appeared on War Emperor York's face. Finally, one of theirs appeared. "Logan, you are said to be invincible among the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. I believe you won't let me down this time," he encouraged.

"I'm afraid my invincibility is only just a rumor, Your Majesty," Logan Yun humbly replied. Despite such a statement, it was evident that his confidence was strong, almost as if he didn't care that much about the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm that were present on the square.

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