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   Chapter 1082 Gathering

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The Feather Holy Sea was similar to the Cursed Land in that it was also located at the center of a continent. To most martial practitioners, it was also a forbidden area.

Still, there was a fundamental difference between the two. The Cursed Land was a forbidden area for high ranked martial artists, while the Feather Holy Sea was forbidden to the low ranked martial artists.

Every year, the four divine kingdoms would join forces to explore the Feather Holy Sea. The sacred place left behind by the Dragon Lineage Human was an inexhaustible trove to them. Apart from the resources in the endless sea around them, the most important part of their development was the secret lands in the Feather Holy Sea.

In the eyes of the rulers of the four divine kingdoms, the Feather Holy Sea was the most precious treasure of all.

All of the selected martial artists of the Jade Martial House boarded a huge ark which was something like a palace in the sky, with hundreds of floors above and below it. It was evidently large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people.

Following the other martial artists who had passed the examination, Zen entered the ark. After it ascended into the sky, it sped off toward the northwest.

All of the Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists were extremely excited about having passed the test.

It was no wonder they were ecstatic. Those who were chosen by the four divine kingdoms to gain experience in the Feather Holy Sea would eventually become the proud sons of the heavens.

It was known that out of the four divine kingdoms, 99% of Soul Sea Realm masters had achieved good results on their first trip to the Feather Holy Sea.

The secret lands were a yardstick for the assessment of potential martial artists in the divine kingdoms. Every martial artist at the Virtual Tribulation Realm tried his best, sparing no effort.

"Wow… It's so beautiful! I've always heard that the Feather Holy Sea is golden, but this is the first time I've seen it for myself!"

"It's said that the golden light within is the power left behind by the blood sacrifice of billions of lives from the Dragon Lineage Human."

Many rushed to the deck of the ark to admire the sea from high up in the sky.

Even Zen stood on the deck, admiring the golden waters. He could feel the power of blood sacrifice within the golden light. The defeat of the Dragon Lineage Human and the sacrifices of billions of lives must have left immense dissatisfaction.

Trying to focus his gaze further away in the distance, he couldn't find any traces of the secret lands. Its secret was still enveloped by the ocean.

If Zen's guess was right, the four secret lands should be four islands on the Feather Holy Sea. However, even though the Feather Holy Sea was merely an inland sea, the islands still weren't visible.

Patience was something he dearly needed on his way to his destination. These days, he was anxious more often than not. At such times, the anxiety was useless. Although he no longer had a rival in the Central Region, his strength was not enough to take down the entirety of the four divine kingdoms.

Although the ark advanced at an extreme speed, it still took them two days and three nights to reach their destination. On the morning of the third day, a large

teps kept increasing, and more and more Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists arrived at the square.

At that moment, Zen suddenly felt a light bloom in the corner of his eyes. Looking up, he saw a light appear in the west. Like a small sun, it quickly rose in the air.

As the light got closer, Zen could see that it was a golden palace.

The dazzling place flew over at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, it was right by the West Dragon River. Then, deep laughter was heard from within the palace.

"Haha! Looks like I came too early. The other elders haven't arrived yet."

Immediately after, Zen saw hundreds of figures fly out of the golden palace. A middle-aged man with a flushed face was in the lead.

In a mere glance, Zen could feel an irresistible aura from the man. It couldn't be released by soul pressure. It was unique to superior men who had occupied high-ranking positions for a very long time.

Even Amber of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place didn't have such an aura. After all, she had only ruled the place for over two hundred years. Zen had only felt it from Lavender.

And of course, Lavender's aura was still even sharper than this person's. His aura was aimed only at the human martial artists, while Lavender's could overwhelm almost all living beings.

"Here comes Scott, the head of the Star Field Divine Kingdom!"

The sharp sound reverberated again.

'So he's the ruler of the Star Field Divine Kingdom. The four divine kingdoms are the rulers of this continent. His strength must be at least in the top four here, ' Zen guessed inwardly.

Scott merely laughed. Instead of flying up to the palace as the others did, he stayed above the square for a moment, glancing at the many Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists on the square. "Where are the people of my Star Field Divine Kingdom?"

When they heard their ruler's question, the martial artists, including those from the Wisteria Martial House and other martial houses from the Star Field Divine Kingdom, responded like thunder, "Greetings, my King! Here we are!"

As hundreds of Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists roared all at once, the very ground seemed to tremble.

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