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   Chapter 1081 Cooperation (Part Two)

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Renzo and Camilla stood on either side of Randy, while Barry stood behind him.

'Is Lord Randy trying to join forces with the others and fight alongside them?' Zen thought. Zen glanced at the group curiously. Since he had already agreed to join Randy's team, he was supposed to be integrated into it. As he thought this, his figure flashed as he charged towards Randy.

Before Zen could even get close, Renzo extended his hand and waves of life vitality which were colored faintly purple surged out of his body and kept circling Randy swiftly and constantly.

Camila smiled. She waved a slender hand and a thin curtain of light appeared immediately. When Zen rushed towards the light curtain, he felt everything around him, including his own speed, slow down.

'It's the Time Law! And right now, all three of them are in complete support of Lord Randy!' Zen thought.

Randy's figure flashed suddenly and appeared behind Zen. With a flip of his hand, he had placed a sharp dagger at Zen's neck. It was a combined effort of several people, but it looked like they had done a perfect job.

But Zen was swift to react. Camilla's comprehension of the Time Law wasn't deep, and with a slight twist of his body, he slipped away from Randy's grip like a fish. A cocky, confident smile found its way to his face as he reached out, ready to snatch the dagger from Randy's hand.

In that instant, Zen felt a great tremor within his mind, as if an axe with the power to split a mountain apart had slashed through his head. Barry had launched a soul attack on him!

Anyone else probably wouldn't have been able to block this soul attack after these multiple attacks. Even if they managed to block it with a lot of effort, they'd probably have become distracted. And how could they block Randy's attack when distracted?

But Barry hadn't realized or even imagined that Zen's soul had almost entered the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. The attack felt more like an itchy spot for Zen than a powerful spirit attack.

Zen, however, didn't want to reveal his full s

d win. Because they were better at the art of cooperation.

In this hall, when Zen cultivated with them, they would occasionally communicate with each other, asking and clarifying each other's doubts about the martial arts.

But it was Zen who asked the others for advice most of the time.

The inheritances of the divine kingdoms were much richer than those of the Central Region. What was more, a considerable part of their inheritances came from the human race of the Upper World. Unfortunately, Zen didn't know which force of the Upper World's human race their inheritance came from.

As time passed, Randy also became busier. Since he was busy with matters of the royal house, he rarely appeared in the martial house.

Three months later, the Jade Martial House had gathered all the martial artists who had passed the test, including Zen.

Zen had conjectured that the Jade Martial House had probably gathered them because the Feather Holy Sea was about to open. The Feather Holy Sea was like a treasury of the four divine kingdoms, at a similar position as the Dark Nether Cave in the Sea God Continent. He didn't know how they were going to send the warriors into the Feather Holy Sea.

Camilla, Barry, and Renzo, however, weren't there. They belonged to Randy's forces, so they hadn't participated in the test. They would probably set out with Randy.

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