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   Chapter 1080 Cooperation (Part One)

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Camilla smiled as she replied, "Don't worry, I won't hurt him!"

But just as she finished talking, the palm shadows around Zen became more intense and intimidating by the minute.

Her hands were delicate but she was capable of chopping a bronze statue made of fine iron into pieces. If Zen couldn't think of a way to deal with her, then she would definitely hurt him.

A light sparkled and burst out of Zen's eyes as he tried to comprehend the Time Law that Camilla was using.

"It won't help if you don't move. I'm really going to attack!" Camilla said with a hint of disdain as she saw Zen staring blankly at her. Who knew what kind of tricks this fellow had used to fool Randy into including him in the team?

She used a majority of her strength to hack at Zen.

Zen had been comprehending for a long time, but he finally shook his head. He reached out and easily grabbed Camilla's slender hands. He then said softly, "The power of the Time Law in your strike is too little for me to comprehend."

He had caught Camilla's hands so swiftly and easily that it looked like Camilla had just offered them to him to hold instead of trying to attack him.

Camilla was dumbstruck for a moment. She wanted to pull her hands back from Zen's, but found that she couldn't. It was as if her hands were clamped down by a pair of large pincers.

Renzo and Barry had expected this to be a good show. They wanted to see what kind of method Zen would use to fight against Camilla's attack.

Camilla's attack from the Thousand Lady Hands dazzled the people present there as if they had seen countless flower petals falling down. It contained a trace of the Time Law, which could change the time flow rate in a short period of time. It was next to impossible to break it; only method which was more powerful could do this.

But they never expected Zen to break it with a simple move. They looked at each other, exchanging puzzled glances and they knew that each was more shocked than the other.

A faint smile appea

itying look pissed Camilla off to no end.

Randy walked over, grinning. He said, "Alright, let's call it a day. Thad's strength should be no less than mine. He will definitely be of great help if he joins our team."

"Humph!" Camilla huffed and puffed, unconvinced.

Zen had casually broken her attack by simply reaching out and grabbing her. And with Randy's obvious favor to him, she realized that Zen's strength was at the same level as Gregory's. He was an extraordinary talent who should have been ranked in the first tier.

There were countless martial artists in the Harlan Divine Kingdom. But there were only four people at the first tier. And right now, Zen's strength was beyond her imagination.

Randy said to Zen, "I can tell that you've always been a loner. You don't seem to understand the meaning of teaming up."

Randy's words reminded Zen of the Heavenly Evil Sect that Eddie had set up. Back then, the Heavenly Evil Sect had a special way to combine the life vitality of tens of thousands of Illuminating Soul Realm warriors, which made it possible for these low-level warriors to display a power that was terrifying to say the least.

Zen nodded at Randy's words.

Randy waved at Renzo, Camilla, and Barry, and then walked to the center of the hall to extend a hand to Zen, saying, "You can try to attack me."

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