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   Chapter 1079 The Team

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Hester danced gracefully like a nightingale, but how could Zen be in the mood to appreciate it under such a strange atmosphere?

Lord Randy was glaring down at Hester with a manic expression on his face. It was as though tormenting his wife was quite a pleasant way of venting his anger.

So when the song was over, Zen quickly stood up from his seat and found a possible excuse to leave.

He was apparently not interested in how Lord Randy was to compete with the crown prince. What he only wanted was to follow the goals he had set for himself.

He was already pleased that he had obtained some life stones from Lord Randy's manor, although the quantity was far from enough. Apart from that, he now had a clearer understanding of the Feather Holy Sea.

And with him being more determined to enter the Feather Holy Sea, he wouldn't waste time while he was waiting for that to happen.

Aside from his planned cultivation, he also wanted to purchase more life stones.

Anyway, Crane City was the second-largest city in the Harlen Divine Kingdom. And within this city, the Jade Martial House was considered a perfect place for cultivation, which was comparable to a sixth-grade sect.

There were no sects in the divine kingdoms, but there were many large clans instead. Back in the Central Region, third-grade clans were considered the strongest. And there had never been a fourth-grade clan.

In the Crane City, however, there were quite a few fourth-grade large clans, and even several fifth-grade clans. The masters of those clans were generally at the fourth or even at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm.

Since Lord Randy's mansion possessed life stones, Zen believed that he could get more of these stones from those large clans in the Crane City. If they were willing to exchange those stones with life vitality crystals, he wouldn't hesitate to make the deal.

So once he was done with his daily cultivation, he spent all his spare time inquiring about the life stones.

However, the result was quite disappointing.

The life stones could replenish one's life energy, so they were an irresistible temptation for every warrior. They were a must-have for everyone. When they were fortunate to obtain it, most of these people would instantly consume their life stone, so there were rarely any reserves of these precious life stones.

With the said scarcity, Zen had to stop thinking about purchasing life stones. He could only wait for the exploration of the Feather Holy Sea.

He had no final say on when he would go to that place because only the four divine kingdoms had the rights to allow warriors to enter the Feather Holy Sea.

Half a month later, Lord Randy suddenly paid a visit to Zen. Without even bothering to exchange pleasantries, he commanded directly, "Come and follow me! I'll introduce my teammates to you!"

"Your teammates?" Zen was curious.

He didn't ask further and just followed Lord Randy straight to the Jade Martial House.

The Jade Martial House


Camilla scoffed as she looked at Zen with a provocative gaze and grumbled, "I don't believe it! Sweet little Randy, you are making fun of us for nothing."

"You really think so?" Randy knew that if Zen didn't show his real strength, it would be difficult to convince them. "If you think I'm making fun of you, you can spar with Thad and get your answer!"

As soon as Randy finished speaking, they all stared at Zen with keen interest. It was apparent that they all wanted to challenge him.

A trace of helplessness was revealed on Zen's face. "There's no need for this, is there?"

"You are not the one to decide!" As soon as Camilla let out those words, she suddenly charged at him as she extended her slender hand to slap him.

The moment she moved, thousands of hands suddenly appeared in Zen's eyes, and she was like the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva. In the blink of an eye, she had slapped over a thousand times, blocking all of his escape routes.

"She is unreasonably fast!" Zen's eyes beamed with surprise. He unexpectedly discovered that there was a special Law Power that had erupted from this woman's body. He had never seen this kind of Law Power before.

"Time Law?"

He knew that the two most powerful Laws in this universe were the Time Law and the Space Law.

He had grasped and mastered the Space Law, but he had never seen anyone seizing the Time Law. He never expected that he would see it from this woman called Camilla.

And it was all because of the effect of the Time Law that this woman was able to attack him so many times in a span of a blink of an eye.

"Camilla! Lord Randy only allows you to spar with him! Don't hurt him severely!" The warrior called Renzo warned from the side.

Knowing Camilla who habitually lacked a sense of propriety, Renzo was afraid that she might get blamed by Randy if she heavily injured Zen, who was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm!

Randy looked quite calm as if he wasn't worried about Zen at all.

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