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   Chapter 1078 Trust

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Both the Feather Emperor Secret Land and the Divine Emperor Secret Land were extremely dangerous areas for martial artists.

However, they were nothing compared to the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

In the Feather Emperor Secret Land, as long as one followed the rules of mining and had the expertise, there wouldn't be any major problems.

However, the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was a land of corruption. Apart from the Dragon Lineage Human, no other living beings were allowed to enter.

The four divine kingdoms had discussed this predicament together countless times. In the end, they were able to come up with an alternative method —

they would use the corpses in the Divine Emperor Secret Land.

Corpses of Dragon Lineage Human were preserved within Divine Emperor Secret Land. Many of them had been preserved using secret techniques, allowing them to withstand the ravages of time.

If they occupied these corpses and entered the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, they would not be rejected by the blood sacrifice inside.

But even then, the four divine kingdoms were still in the most rudimentary stages of developing the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. Plus it wasn't easy to obtain these corpses from the Divine Emperor Secret Land and even when they did get them, there were many restrictions.

Zen got a general understanding of these secret lands from Randy. The four lands were originally complementary to each other, and the Feather Holy Sea was home to the Dragon Lineage Human. However, there were many limitations to exploring this place.

Zen knew that he definitely couldn't rush into Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. The four divine kingdoms had spent so many years trying to enter it, and things weren't easy for them even after they had gotten in. So obtaining the life stones and the Ancestral Dragon egg didn't seem like an easy task.

Even without the obstruction of the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm or the experts of the Life and Death Realm, it wouldn't have been easy for Zen to enter that place anyway.

The collaboration with Randy seemed to be inevitable.

"After I obtain the Harlen Token, I will form a team and enter the Feather Holy Sea. Since you want to excavate the life stones, you must also help me," Randy smiled. However, he was afraid that Zen wouldn't stay.

Even though he was a Lord and was bestowed many rewards every year, he was nothing compared to the crown prince, who was the future

ies from time to time.

Randy, too, was aware of this fact. The entire mansion was full of the crown prince's spies, and everything was handled solely by him. To put it bluntly, the crown prince felt that Randy was too much of a threat and he wanted to imprison him.

Randy was also wary of her and she knew it too. But she couldn't stand such humiliation.

She was enraged right now.

She refused to comply and this made the Lord furious. An extremely sharp killing intent was released, which immediately enveloped her. "Dance or die!" said Randy, glaring at her.

Hester's heart trembled under this gaze. If the Lord decided to kill her, no one would be able to plead with him.

Helpless, she gritted her teeth and agreed.

As the musicians played the music, this woman danced in front of Zen and Randy.

When he saw the reluctance and hatred in her eyes, Zen sighed. However, this was a royal family matter, so he couldn't interfere.

He realized why Randy was humiliating Hester by making her dance in front of a stranger. He hated the people in his mansion, including his wife. They all worked for the crown prince. It was unbearable, so he needed to vent his anger.

But he also wanted to earn Zen's trust.

However, the Lord was too young and immature. He was not even twenty years old. He only wanted to achieve his own goals without thinking about the consequences of his actions. His own wife dancing for his guest would be a disgrace to himself. It was ridiculous!

Unfortunately, the Lord didn't care about this. On the contrary, it made Zen extremely uncomfortable — like he was sitting on a bed of nails!

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