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   Chapter 1077 Corpses

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Randy was talking to Zen in a really polite way.

As a superior Lord who hailed from a royal family, he had never lowered himself to cooperate with others before. Zen was the only exception.

Although the crown prince had won over divine-level talents like Gregory and Edwin, along with the other talents from the two major martial houses, they weren't that friendly to one another. They could only be regarded as the crown prince's followers.

Any powerful prince only wanted to train their own followers. But for Randy, he wanted to work with Zen.

When Zen heard Randy's words, his eyes were filled up with surprise. He lightly sipped his tea and looked at the scenery outside the palace. It was quite a sight, so he couldn't help but allow his thoughts to wander.

The moment he came to the four divine kingdoms, he didn't plan to depend on any of the forces. However, if someone chose to cooperate with him, he wasn't to refuse. After all, both sides could benefit from it.

Despite Randy's indisputable arrogance and conceitedness, he was still an honest man in Zen's eyes. Besides, he was a prince of the Harlen Divine Kingdom. Zen refused to be anyone's follower, but it was undoubtedly very suitable to act jointly with Randy.

The only hindrance was the dispute between Randy and the crown prince, but that wasn't Zen's concern at that point in time. He wasn't going to stay in the four divine kingdoms for long anyway.

Upon noticing Zen's hesitance, Randy spoke, "It looks like you still fear my brother. Am I right?"

Initially, Zen's response was to roll his eyes at Randy's straightforwardness. He smiled and said, "I choose to work side by side with you. I'm here for the life stones in the Feather Emperor Secret Land."

It was no secret that Zen was looking for the life stones, so there was no harm in telling Randy.

"Oh? The life stones?" There was a meaningful smile plastered on Randy's face. "Why didn't you just say so earlier?"

Zen's heart skipped a few beats as he heard Randy's words. He had traveled for miles on end just to find those things. If he could get them from Randy, then it could save him a great deal.

In one clap of his hands, a servant girl made her way to Randy in small strides.

"Bring me the life stones," Randy said softly, his voice almost sounded like a whisper.

After the servant girl received Randy's order, she bowed her head slowly and then exited the room carefully.

There was burning excitement that was brewing inside of Zen's heart. It was too extreme that he couldn't conceal it himself. If Randy possessed the life stones, he was willing to pay any price in exchange for them.

The expression on Zen's face brought a smile on Randy's face. "It seems that the life stones are of utmost importance to you. You want to save someone, right?"

Life stones could replenish a

de are the most precious treasures!"

Corpses were treasures?

Zen was confused all the more.

The Feather Holy Sea was the gathering place of the Dragon Lineage Human. Many of them were killed in the blood sacrifice, so it had become a dangerous place for anyone.

There was a long period of time when the four divine kingdoms were unable to enter the Feather Holy Sea.

At some point, the Feather Holy Sea was considered more oppressive and powerful than the Cursed Land in the entire Sea God Continent. At the very least, living beings under the level of war sages could enter the Cursed Land, but it wasn't the same for the Feather Holy Sea.

However, no matter how dangerous the place was, there was still a way to break it. The legacy left behind by the Dragon Lineage Human was like fat meat in the eyes of the four divine kingdoms. How could they sleep soundly when they knew there was fat meat at their doorsteps?

After searching again and again, they finally found a way to enter the Feather Emperor, the Divine Emperor, and the Mysterious Dream Secret Lands.

The four divine kingdoms had gained so much from those secret lands. Finally, their eyes fell onto the last one – the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was the core of the Dragon Lineage Human, which was more impossible to enter compared to the first three secret lands. It had puzzled the four divine kingdoms for countless years. In order to explore it, countless martial artists in the four divine kingdoms had given their lives. Among them were many Soul Sea Realm masters.

Finally, the four divine kingdoms compromised. They found themselves unable to enter all. The power of blood sacrifice within the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was not something that they could just brush off their shoulders.

Thus, they shifted their focus onto the corpses in the Divine Emperor Secret Land.

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