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   Chapter 1076 Being Watched

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Randy had extended his challenge to Zen just a few days ago.

So it was kind of weird for Zen to see him act as if they were the best of friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time.

The smile was frozen on his face. "I've been fine." Zen said through his teeth.

Randy put his arm around him in a brotherly manner before taking the golden invitation from his hand. He flipped it over before handing it back to the crown prince, "Zen's already promised to go to my place today so your invitation is just way too late!"

When had he agreed to visit his place? Zen had just received the crown prince's invitation and was just thinking about what to do when Randy came out of nowhere and acted all friendly with him.

Still, he appreciated his intervention. Despite Randy being arrogant and temperamental, he had an air of integrity around him. The crown prince, on the other hand, was too shrewd for Zen's taste.

Zen was not going to pass up this perfect opportunity to reject the crown prince's invitation. He nodded his head as if to show his agreement with Randy's words.

"It is indeed too late to invite me now, Your Highness. Lord Randy's already invited me to his residence," Zen said, patting Randy's hand as a signal for him to get his arm off his shoulder.

Randy's hand refused to budge from Zen's shoulder and there was a huge smile on his face.

Back when his cultivation level was still very low, the crown prince did not even bother batting an eyelash at Randy's direction. However, he gradually grew stronger and climbed the social ladder to a point wherein he could stand on the same ground as the crown prince.

Still, the crown prince was over ten years older than Randy and was set to inherit the throne. Despite being conferred the title of Lord as recognition of his strength, Randy had fewer followers compared to his brother.

The crown prince had recently heard of the warrior that had triumphed over Randy at the Jade Martial House. His interest was instantly piqued and he knew that he had to establish a relationship with this exceptional warrior. He had traveled from the capital all the way to Crane City just to see Zen to draw him to his side.

But, it just so happened that Randy had burst out of nowhere and interfered with his plans.

Of course he knew that these two only pretended to be close acquaintances to fool him. He was a crown prince and he knew how to play this game. And sometimes, he played his cards right and knew when to fold. He was not at a position to force Zen to do anything so he took the magnanimous route and gave a hearty laugh. "A shame! It seemed I did not come here on time."

"You did arrive rather abruptly. I admire your speed," Randy retorted.

There was a trace of hostility that flashed through the crown prince's eyes but his face remained calm. With a smile he spun the wheelchair around and left, his entourage of masters following closely b

that was his biggest crime against his brother. His power threatened the crown prince's claim to the throne and when it came to the throne, the crown prince would not tolerate any kind of competition, familial ties be damned.

The crown prince couldn't really take action against Randy because of their father. However, he could still restrain his brother's actions and make him suffer through other methods.

And perhaps he had used the cruelest method of all: make his brother live inside a beautiful, hollow prison where he had no one he could trust.

Of course, it did not just stop there, there was also that matter of entering the secret lands of the Feather Holy Sea. Randy knew he would need to gather warriors to form his own team. He couldn't just go there on his own.

The crown prince had 'offered' his help to find people for him but Randy naturally rejected since he knew his brother's real intentions. The problem, however, was that besides the crown prince, there was really no one else he could turn to.

All the young, talented masters were already in the crown prince's faction while the Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors that remained weren't that powerful. Randy had managed to invite a handful of warriors who would be able to enter the second tier but they were still not enough. His meager force could never hope to contend against his brother.

When he met Zen, Randy had already made up his mind to fight him. Under the guidance of the Jade Martial House's master, he had managed to restrain himself with the hopes that this young man would be of great help to him.

At last, they were finally able to enter the main hall. Francis remained at the door while both Zen and Randy were served tea by the servants. As soon as the tea was poured, Randy immediately chased them out.

He looked up at Zen and stared at him with sparkling eyes. "Why do you want to enter the Feather Holy Sea?" he asked. "I think I can work with you."

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