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   Chapter 1075 The Crown Prince And Lord Randy

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"Whoever can control the Ancestral Dragon shall have the power to control the Genuine Dragon race. As the most powerful super legendary beast, there is no way we are ever handing over the Ancestral Dragon egg to the human race," the red dragon said.

Zen listened close, not even saying a word as the red dragon spoke.

The red dragon continued, "The war in the Divine Kingdom Continent was actually a war between the human race and the Genuine Dragon race in the Lower World. Unfortunately, the human race never expected that after my eldest brother was summoned out by the blood sacrifice, he destroyed three divine kingdoms. In the instant of space collapse, he used a secret method to destroy the ascending passage of this world. Therefore, none of the living beings in this world can fly to the Upper World anymore."

"What?" Zen's eyes flashed as he heard such words.

Being unable to fly to the Upper World had always been a problem for this world.

After reaching the Soul Sea Realm, warriors originally could step into the path of the immortals.

The likes of Miguel, Amber, and the Soul Sea Realm masters of the four divine kingdoms had been stuck within this boundless world and unable to fly to the Upper World.

Other than the Dragon Soar Arenas, there were no other known methods to ascend.

All living beings knew that there were problems in the world. However, not a single solution had come. Some questions remained unanswered.

In the end, all of the Soul Sea Realm masters who could have ascended were trapped in this world until they just died. After the Five Aging Processes, they weren't able to do anything more and got swallowed whole by depression.

It was the last thing Zen had expected. It was the cyan dragon's eldest brother who had destroyed the flying passage of his world.

"Why did your brother destroy the flying passage in the first place?" Zen asked.

The cyan dragon sighed before answering, "It was because of the Ancestral Dragon, of course. The egg was born in this great world, so my clan took care of it and let it hatch slowly under their wing. However, that had become known to humans, hence the war."

"So that's how it is," Zen said after a moment of silence. "In other words, the reason why you asked me to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land is to obtain the egg and hand it to the Genuine Dragon race?"

"The Genuine Dragon race? Huh!" The red dragon snorted with a trace of disdain. His tone was evident with anger.

"Brother…" The red dragon had something more to say, but the cyan dragon stopped him. "That's right, Zen. I want you to get the egg, but it must not be returned to the Genuine Dragon race," the cyan drago

tayed in their kingdom, he couldn't just ignore or kick those people out. He had more important things to focus on.

"Your Highness, what brings you here?" he asked nonchalantly.

With a smile on his face, the crown prince replied, "I heard that you passed the examination of the Jade Martial House as an independent warrior, so I wanted to meet you personally. You do have an impressive appearance with great talent. It really shows!"

"I'm very flattered. The truth is, I'm nothing but a boor!" Zen responded after thinking for a moment.

With the same smile, the crown prince said, "Come on. Let's not stand on politesse. There's a banquet at my house today. I would appreciate your attendance." Right after he spoke, he shot a look at the eunuch.

A smile had crept on the eunuch's face as well. He took out a shiny golden card and handed it over to Zen.

As he looked at the card in the eunuch's hands, Zen was a bit hesitant. Did he really want to be there?

At that moment, he had figured out the purpose of that visit. Most likely, the crown prince wanted to draw him over to his side like Randy, but he was more polite.

It was the way of the world. Those who showed you courtesy weren't necessarily your friends.

As Zen was contemplating whether or not he should attend the party, another voice from not too far away had reached their ears. "Brother! Why didn't you come to see me after you arrived at the city?"

It was Randy.

Surprisingly, he was alone and didn't have any attendants with him.

The green robe he was wearing swayed as he strolled over towards them. He looked at the crown prince and then smiled at Zen. "Thad, how have you been?"

Feeling even more baffled than he already was, Zen only nodded slightly. What did Randy and his brother really want?

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