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   Chapter 1074 Ancestral Dragon

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Zen was not interested in the internal strife within the divine kingdom. He only cared about getting the Harlen Token.

After passing the test today, the warriors had to return to the courtyard they had previously registered in. After passing the test, Zen had become a member of the Jade Martial House.

The woman at the Internal Elixir Realm who was in charge of registration looked curiously at Zen. She wondered how Zen passed the test given that his cultivation was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

The woman took Zen's bamboo token back and gave him another purple token. This purple token was still not the Harlen Token. She informed him that from now on he was allowed to enter the Jade Martial House to study and practice, as well as to obtain a portion of the resources of the Jade Martial House.

Other independent martial artists would be honored and excited at the chance to have access to the Jade Martial House's materials and training facilities. The cultivation for independent warriors was extremely arduous, so it was a great opportunity for them to join a martial house to advance further. Zen, however, was not interested in studying nor using the resources of the Jade Martial House. Zen didn't lack cultivation techniques or pills. He had completely relied on himself to improve his cultivation and, as of now, the martial house would not be of much help to him. The only thing that could help him was the Harlen Token.

Zen left the Jade Martial House and met Francis who had been waiting outside for a while.

Zen had given him an order beforehand, telling him to wait there for him so that they would return to his residence together. Francis did as he was told. He didn't dare disobey Zen.

Along the way, Zen played with the purple token in his hand. After thinking for a while, he asked, "How long do you think it will take me to get the Harlen Token and enter the Feather Holy Sea?"

Francis smiled and replied, "One of the three secret lands will open every year but I'm not sure which one will open this year."

The Feather Holy Sea contained the Feather Emperor Secret Land, the Divine Emperor Secret Land, the Mysterious Dream Secret Land, and the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. Except for Feather Emperor Secret Land, Zen didn't care about any other secret lands. He was expecting the Feather Emperor Secret Land to open this year, or else it would be extremely disappointing.

"Is there a way to know which secret land will open this year?" Zen asked with a frown.

"I guess so, but the opening of a secret land is controlled by the rulers of the four divine kingdoms. It is up to them to decide which secret land will open. I don't know if it is possible to approach the rulers and ask them about this. I believe it will be a little difficult to get this information," Francis replied.

Zen took a deep breath. If the Feather Emperor Secret Land didn't open this year, he would have to wait for another year. He couldn't wait that long. He didn't have much time left. What should he do? Zen was not strong enough to influence the decisions of the rulers of the four divine kingdoms.

"I see. You can leave

uch and so quickly."

In the past, the seven divine kingdoms were considered sixth-grade sects but now the four divine kingdoms could be considered eighth-grade sects.

It was a huge difference and upgrade even with just two grades in between.

The Demon Night sacred place located in the Sea God Continent with Amber as the leader could only be considered a seventh grade sacred place.

"What exactly is in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land?" Zen asked curiously. He was wondering what the cyan dragon was looking for and why he wouldn't just tell him once and for all.

The cyan dragon answered, "In the past, the Dragon Lineage Human of the Lower World summoned a Genuine Dragon through blood sacrifice. That Genuine Dragon is our eldest brother."

"Eldest brother?"

Zen was shocked at the revelation.

There were nine Genuine Dragons drawn on the mysterious furnace. These nine Genuine Dragons were of different sizes and lengths, and had different powers. But underneath the furnace lay the strongest and most intimidating Genuine Dragon. He had been asleep all this time and until now only the cyan dragon and red dragon had awaken.

"Yes. Our Genuine Dragon race spread throughout a million worlds. Not everyone could use the blood sacrifice and successfully summon a Genuine Dragon to come for help. The reason why my eldest brother personally answered the call was because the Dragon Lineage Human had discovered an Ancestral Dragon Egg in their world. This Ancestral Dragon Egg is currently in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land of the Feather Holy Sea!" the cyan dragon finally revealed what he was looking for.

"An Ancestral Dragon Egg? What is that?" Zen felt confused and astonished at the cyan dragon's words. He had never heard of the Ancestral Dragon Egg before.

The red dragon laughed. "It's very simple to understand. The Ancestral Dragon Egg is the egg of the Ancestral Dragon. There is only one Ancestral Dragon in this world and it is immortal. After it dies, a new Ancestral Dragon Egg will be born and then it will hatch and the dragon inside will become the new Ancestral Dragon."

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