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   Chapter 1073 Drawing Zen In

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The air was heavy as silence hung like a thick curtain. Hundreds of warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm stared in marvel at the scene unfolding in front of their very eyes.

The eyes of the three mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm glinted with an ethereal light.

These three warriors were the leaders of the Jade Martial House—one of them was the head and the other two deputies. In the Harlen Divine Kingdom, they were considered the pillars that held the weight of the whole land in their shoulders. Naturally, they knew well the strength of Randy.

Randy was a formidable opponent. Not only did he cultivate both body and life vitality, but more importantly, his physical constitution combined with the imperial family's cultivation method could perfectly fuse forceful energy and life vitality. The two forces, when combined together, gave immense power to whoever wielded it. With this fusion, his strength surpassed that of anyone of the same level as him by leaps and bounds.

Randy had not yet used his trump card. As of this moment, he had only used his fusion technique. However, Zen had not used any of his special moves as well. He had only used some of his forceful energy and half the power of the dragon scales.

Just like this, Randy lost to Zen. The three leaders of the Jade Martial House observed Zen, pleasant surprise written on their faces.

'Could this man's talent be ranked in the first tier? Is it possible that his strength would be on par with Lord Randy's and the crown prince's?' they all thought.

Regardless of whether they believed it or not, they couldn't deny what they had witnessed with their own eyes. This man stood with his victory as clear as day, and they had the inkling that he had more to show them.

"We misjudged him. This man is simply a monster. I really don't know where he is from!" one of the three leaders said.

"Ha-ha! It doesn't matter. His presence will greatly benefit the Jade Martial House. Let us not discuss the disputes between Lord Randy and the crown prince. Since this man is participating in the assessment in the Jade Martial House, he naturally belongs here!" another leader said.

"We're in luck! Edwin Xiao of the Dark Martial House has overpowered our warriors. Now we have Thad Luo. I bet he is no inferior to Edwin," the third leader said.

Gregory, the number one Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior of the Jade Martial House, stared at Zen as anticipation raced through him. His face held faint traces of excitement.

"Thad Luo..." The name had a foreign sound, and it was one he had never heard of before. Gregory's heart pounded wildly in his chest. Had the time and place been different, he would have already challenged Zen to a duel. However, this was the assessment of the Jade Martial House and he was in the presence of the three leaders. He would not mess with the rules.

Gregory would not mess with the rules of the Jade Martial House. But Randy did whatever he wanted.

The Harlen Divine Kingdom had many princes, but Randy's status seemed so different from that of t

inexperience. He knew full well that the leader's words were sensible, but he refused to listen to reason despite this fact.

"Lord Randy, listen to me," Master He smiled meaningfully. The next moment, there were only faint movements of his lips. He was using life vitality to speak to Randy, so the others had no way of distinguishing his words.

After a long while of what seemed to others as merely tense silence, Randy finally gave a slight nod of his head, and the imposing aura around his body dissipated. His face relaxed into a calmer expression as he beckoned to Zen. "I admit defeat. You are indeed a powerful warrior. I'd like to make friends with you, Thad. I will invite you to my house for a feast some other day!"

Zen, on the other hand, stood in bafflement. There was a glaring contrast between Randy's earlier attitude and current one. Who knew what he was up to?

Of course, Zen was unsure. There were all sorts of conflicts going on in the divine kingdoms. After he had accidentally shown his strength, he might have unintentionally dragged himself into one of them as well.

No matter what Randy was up to, it had nothing to do with Zen. Now, he just acted accordingly. As he was in the Harlen Divine Kingdom, it would do him no good if he embarrassed Randy. Paying his courtesies, Zen nodded and gave a polite salute to him.

Only after Randy left did the crowd seem to breathe again.

In the middle of the seeming calmness, Gregory observed quietly from the side, his eyes following Randy as he left. Then, quietly, he turned to look at Zen, a trace of vigilance flashing through his eyes.

Although Gregory was a member of the Jade Martial House, he worked for the crown prince. The conflict between the crown prince and Randy had been going on for a long time. Zen had appeared out of nowhere and displayed tremendous strength. Whether or not he could win over Zen was a secondary matter, but such a character would not be allowed to follow Randy.

He had to inform the crown prince of this matter as soon as possible.

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