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   Chapter 1072 Lord Randy Lost

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Randy was the beloved son of the emperor of Harlen Divine Kingdom. He himself was a superb talent that belonged to the first tier. Even if the warrior was not willing to quit, he could do nothing.

Since the entire Harlen Divine Kingdom belonged to his father, none of the warriors living in the divine kingdom dared to resist any kind of decision he made. No one could afford to offend the imperial members.

The divine kingdoms were just like this. Compared to sect leaders, the imperial members were more domineering, condescending, and unreasonable.

Even the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm would show the utmost respect to Randy, even though he was only at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, due to his family background.

Despite that, fear or indecision couldn't be found on Zen's face. He continued moving forward as the red circle shrank, his gaze firmly fixated on Randy, who was in the middle of the circle.

Seeing that, Randy just smiled at Zen and asked, "What about you? Do you also want to give up?"

Although he had only met Zen twice, he could tell that Zen was a man who was proud of what he could do. He had always been accurate in his judgment, and so he knew that someone like Zen would never easily give up.

Of course Zen wouldn't give up. He had traveled all this way here just to obtain the ancient jades to save Letitia. And doing so was no small feat.

But then, he was not sure if he was really going to fight Randy.

Upon his initial observation, he concluded that the guy was not weak at all. Although Randy had only attacked him once, Zen already thought that he was probably slightly stronger than Esther.

And although Zen hadn't seen Amber fight in the Tower of Sin, he was sure that Randy's cultivation level would be more or less similar to hers when she had just become a top-level war lord two hundred years ago.

Of course, that was only his rough estimate. He didn't know for sure what Randy could do.

Despite that uncertainty, Zen felt no fear. He had even killed Eddie, who was a warrior at the Life and Death Realm. He didn't think Randy would be stronger than Eddie.

The problem was that this was only the first round of the assessment. To be honest, it would be impossible for him to unleash all of his strength if he wasn't in a life-or-death situation.

With that, Zen started scheming. 'How would I be able to defeat this guy without showing him and everyone in here all I have?' he thought carefully, his eyebrows slowly furrowing.

If Randy knew what Zen was thinking, he would probably faint from anger. Fortunately, he had no means to do that. And also, all he wanted to do at that moment was test Zen's strength as much as possible.

As time passed, the red circle kept on shrinking. Zen continued moving forward, and the distance between him and Randy grew shorter and shorter.

Thirty feet. Twenty feet. Ten feet!

For warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, at such a close distance, they could no longer use some of their moves or attacks.

Zen and Randy stared into each other's eyes, as if reading each other's thoughts.


This was a battle of pure strength!

At this moment, all of the candid

on by his father. Although there were many princes in the Harlen Divine Kingdom, his talent set him apart, and because of that, the resources he received were abundant and generous. In this environment, his knowledge expanded, further than anyone else in the kingdom.

With that, he knew that Zen's strength shouldn't have appeared in a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

Even a warrior who had experienced a life and death crisis would find it difficult to resist Zen's strength. Just how did Zen manage to do it?

His force was so hard to resist that it was like the tides of the ocean. A human would not be able to withstand such force.

Although he was overwhelmed by this sudden realization, Randy was not willing to back down. He would see this test to the end, and he would succeed! There was no way he was going to retreat after all the boasting he did a while ago.

He would rather Zen back out of the red circle right now and admit defeat. He would personally give a Harlen Token to Zen. After all, their purpose of competing in the exam was for the Harlen Tokens.

It was just a Harlen Token!

However, it was too late to say anything now. Under Zen's overwhelming power, he had no choice.

Thus, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Randy retreated.

One step! Two steps! Three steps...

Without doing anything flashy, he crossed the red circle. However, that wasn't the craziest thing to happen in this whole round. As Randy continued retreating, his steps also became unsteady. In the end, everyone saw his legs weaken and he actually fell onto the floor!

Everyone stared blankly at him, speechless at what was happening.

Randy, whose talent was ranked in the first tier, actually was invincible among the young generation. In the entire Jade Martial House, only Gregory was comparable to him and his power. In the entire Harlen Divine Kingdom, only Edwin and the crown prince could match up to him.

Randy and Zen weren't fighting to the death just now—it was just a simple contest of pure strength.

Without a doubt, however, in a battle of strength, Randy was at an absolute disadvantage.

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