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   Chapter 1071 Push Comes To Shove

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The Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artist was thrown out of the red circle and he fell heavily onto the ground.

His was in a much better state compared to other martial artists who were hurt or even heavily injured. The fall couldn't hurt someone like him, especially at his level.

But the embarrassment was too much.

He would rather be injured and carried out than be chucked out like this. It was truly a great humiliation for him.

However, he quickly regained composure when he got up.

Martial artists in the divine kingdoms knew much more than those in the Central Region and the Sea God Continent. He knew that Zen's speed was truly extraordinary. The distance, angle and timing were all perfect!

He had summoned all his strength to prepare his attack on Zen. That was why he hadn't been able to react quickly and had allowed Zen to get so close to him.

There was only one explanation why Zen could make such a judgment. He was quick to react and his judgment was accurate. He had fought in countless battles, so he had this kind of fighting instinct. Such a fellow was undoubtedly terrifying.

Keeping this in mind, the martial artist took a deep breath and observed Zen carefully. However, there was no hatred in his eyes, only reverence and fear. Those who had personally experienced Zen's wrath could understand how terrifying it was.

Everyone was also quite shocked.

Although the martial artist was embarrassed to be forcefully thrown out by Zen, as a third-tier member, he was powerful beyond doubt. None of the people present had the guts to mock him.

Most people were just surprised that he was thrown out. They didn't see how Zen had done it. He was simply too fast.

On the other hand, the three powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm wore serious expressions.

"I have underestimated this guy. Given his strength, he definitely isn't just a third-tier member!"

"I'm sure he has the strength to reach the second tier!"

"If I'm not wrong, he just used the forceful energy. Has he cultivated both body and life vitality?"

It was rare to come across warriors who cultivated both body and life vitality anywhere. The Sea God Continent, the Central Region and divine kingdoms were no exception.

Zen had just wanted to end the battle quickly. If it dragged on, he would have to reveal more trump cards. And he wanted to keep them hidden for as long as possible.

his face. 'Lord Randy has gone too far in bullying us, ' he thought. 'I have gone all out to pass the examination, but now, he wants to break the rules and kick me out.' He seethed inwardly.

There wasn't much time left. From the moment the red circle began to shrink, only 300 seconds were left. The confrontation and Randy's talk had taken 135 seconds.

"I have already passed the examination. Why are you…" The martial artist protested. He was unwilling to accept this, but more than that he was unwilling to fight Randy. All he could do was to argue with him.

"Shut up!" yelled Randy. "I don't want to repeat my words a second time."

He stood in the center of the red circle, while Zen and the warrior stood on either side of him. As the red circle continued to shrink, the two had to move closer to him.

As the martial artist saw the distance between him and Randy closing in, he clenched his teeth and began to sweat profusely. Clearly, he was not convinced. However, looking at Randy who stood not far away, he knew that he was no match for him. If he fought the Lord, he would be humiliated and seriously injured. What was worse, there would be more unforeseen trouble.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and stood still. The red circle kept shrinking and moved past his feet.

He was eliminated.

Many warriors looked at him with pity in their eyes.

This was a tough examination and the probability of passing it was low as ninety percent of the participants were eliminated.

This martial artist had passed the examination, and yet he was forced by Randy to quit the game. What a shame!

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