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   Chapter 1070 How Did He Do It

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The competition was highly intense and not many remained. Numerous warriors were kicked out.

Zen was extremely cautious and agile. Whenever someone wanted to target him, his body would suddenly flash without the slightest bit of warning and he would distance himself from them, going far beyond their reach but still staying inside the circle.

In the red circle, no one had a clear goal and they had not decided just one person that they wanted to take on. Instead, they were trying their best to kick out as many people as they could until there were only three people left. In such a scenario, obviously very few people would stubbornly chase after Zen all the time.

Be that as it might, Lord Randy's gaze, which was as vicious as that of a venomous snake, was still locked on to Zen all the time, which made him feel extremely unhappy.

Similarly, just like Lord Randy, the three powerful masters who had reached the Soul Sea Realm had also focused their gazes on Zen.

"He is well versed in the Space Law and even seems to have fully grasped its second layer. This boy has good potential!"

"Judging by the strength he is currently showing, he can be considered a divine-level talent. He has the ability to reach the third tier in the Harlen Divine Kingdom. You know, I won't be surprised if he manages to make it to the top of the third tier as well!"

"Someone like him deserves a Harlen Token, but I'm a bit worried…"

With their sharp insight, how could the three powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm not see that Lord Randy was targeting Zen?

"Lord Randy has already declared that he alone will obtain the Harlen Token in this round. I'm afraid that with his strong cultivation and powers, it won't be hard for him to keep his word. What worries me is the possibility that he will make a move against Thad."

"Alas. I have rarely seen such talent among independent warriors. I hope he can pass the test."

"Well it's going to be a bit difficult. Only four people in the Harlen Divine Kingdom are in the first tier, and the difference in the strength of warriors between the first tier and the second tier is extreme. Only if this Thad reaches the top of the second tier will he be able to contend with Lord Randy!"

Of course, Zen didn't know that these three powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm were worried about him.

Lord Randy was indeed highly interested in Zen. When he had taken part in this test, he had planned to pay special attention to the young guys who took part in the test too.

He had originally planned to search for talented people inside the Jade Martial House. However, the person who was ranked first in the Jade Martial House, was the crown prince's right hand man, who went by the name Gregory. He was perfectly loyal to his master and it would be impossible to win him over, but this young man in front of Lord Randy was different…

Randy had a special talent when it came to reading people, which was a trait he had inherited from his father. From the very first moment he had seen Zen, he'd felt that this young man's strength wasn't as simple as it appeared to be.

Those powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm could only assess Zen by his current performance. According to them, Zen's strength was only at the top of the third tier, but in the eyes of Randy, this g


The fierce-looking warrior in front of him was determined to win this battle. As long as he could get rid of Zen, and the battle between the other two ended, there would only be three people left in the red circle, so he would definitely pass the test. No matter what happened, he had to pass the test. It was a crucial step which might influence his whole life.

Therefore, he went all out to fight against Zen. He wanted to finish Zen in a single blow!

In his eyes, Zen was nothing but a coward who only knew how to run away.

Yet, at the very last moment, he clearly saw that Zen was retreating, but somehow, the fellow had appeared before him just as his eyes had blinked due to some sort of lightning flash. What was going on?

This was impossible.

The warrior was dumbfounded. He stared at Zen blankly, not knowing how to react.

Zen ignored his dumb expression. He reached out his hands and grabbed his opponent's hands. With a light snap of his five fingers, Zen locked the pulses in the warrior's arms. This way, the warrior's life vitality was going to be unable to reach his hands, making it even harder for him to break free from Zen's grip.

In fact, it was an unnecessary move for Zen to lock his pulses. His opponent had already forgotten how to revolve his life vitality and break free. While the warrior was still in a trance, Zen let go of his pulse and grabbed him with one hand. He then swung him around like a windmill, and threw him out of the red circle.

It was such a smooth and clean stunt!

The truth was that for martial artists at lower realms, this way of battling was very common. But once they reached the Internal Elixir Realm, the strength with which one's life vitality burst out would be extremely terrifying and no one would dare to go near them.

As a result, in the battles in the red circle, warriors were often driven out by other warriors' forceful attack and strength, but nobody had been thrown out like that till now.

At this time, when they saw Zen directly throw a martial artist out of the red circle, the other martial artists were also so shocked that they couldn't utter anything. The same doubt crossed their minds, "How did he do it…"

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