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   Chapter 1069 Pursue Relentlessly

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As much as possible, Zen intended to maintain a low profile. To avoid showing off his real strength was his technique to gain a spot in the red circle. After all, there would be only three left.

With his current standing, it wasn't going to be difficult. As long as he constantly dodged the attacks, he could easily face a group of martial artists at the later stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm despite the red circle's limit in size.

In addition, his cultivation level wasn't enough to gain all the attention. He wasn't everyone's main target at that point.

To his surprise, a fellow warrior had attacked him for no specific reason, aiming to kick him out of the ring. That had left Zen confused.


The air shifted as Zen's figure floated, circling around the edge of the red circle.

Since the beginning, Zen had always faced that same martial artist. 'Interesting, ' he thought with a faint smile plastered on his face. He managed to maintain his calm demeanor.

After Zen avoided the first attack, his opponent should've known better. Logically, he should've just given up. Zen didn't want to cause any trouble and didn't even launch a counterattack.

No one expected for that man to keep on charging towards Zen. He refused to let him go. The light that appeared out of his fist gleamed brightly as if telling everyone that he wasn't going to stop until Zen was out of the ring.

"Get out!" The man sneered as he hurled another attack on Zen.

"Huff… Huff… Huff…"

Stealthily, Zen's movement flashed as he constantly tried to sidestep each and every attack coming from his opponent. Something was wrong with that fellow.

That warrior had already given up on his defense and was focused more on putting all of his force on the attack. With that kind of technique, kicking someone out of the ring was going to be easier.

There was no known conflict between him and Zen, so what he was doing was completely unnecessary. It gave the impression that he didn't care about passing the exam anymore. He only wanted to eliminate Zen even if it meant risking his own life.

Was there someone else behind all of that? Who was ordering him?

From the corner of his eyes, Zen could see Randy. He let his gaze land on the man.

With his hands clasped firmly behind his back, Randy stood in the middle of the red circle. Faint particles slowly began to revolve around him.

Even if the Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors were in the middle of a battle, none of them dared to make a move on him. His eyes were on Zen.

"I knew it. It's him!"

Zen said in a low voice as his expression darkened. 'He has always targeted me ever since I joined the martial house. What is his problem with me? Why does he want to make things harder for me?

Did he send someone to test the limits of my strength?' Zen thought to himself.

Given his current strength, Zen could just easily finish off the man who was after him, but at that time, he was a bit hesitant. Something didn't seem ri

paths in all directions instantaneously. If Zen wanted to pass through, he could only take them head-on.

As for the warrior who had been after Zen for quite a while, his aura had grown even stronger, and he had no other goals but to force Zen into a corner.

At that moment, Zen's figure flashed as he traveled through space for a distance and walked to the other side of the red circle.

The three claws that Randy had tossed missed him and went straight for the warrior standing right behind him instead.

No one could have predicted that Zen could travel through space. An obvious shock could be seen on Randy's face as well. The warrior who had previously chased after Zen had his mouth open as he collided against Randy's paw prints.

"Puff… Puff… Puff…"

Three sharp claws instantly cut open that warrior's robe, and then a crisp sound could be heard. It seemed as if his protective armor had been cut into pieces as well. Then, dark red blood started to spray out of his body.

Seeing that he had accidentally injured one of his own, Randy only coldly snorted. He didn't care about that warrior's life, nor his death. His eyes once again followed Zen.

No one knew what he was thinking, but after the missed blow, he remained standing exactly where his feet were planted moments prior.

Since no one was chasing after him, Zen felt much more relaxed. He let out a sigh of relief which he had seemed to be holding on for too long.

There were only a dozen or so people left in the red circle, and they were still fiercely fighting with each other. Despite the intensity of what had just gone down, they still had the same objective, and nothing could stop them from attaining it.

The battles during that round were a bit more intense than the previous ones where they fought for the last three places. With the presence of Randy, it became tougher. No one dared to challenge him. Therefore, he had claimed one spot as his, while the rest fought bloodily for the remaining two places.

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