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   Chapter 1068 The Arrogant Lord Randy

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Two things had become clear to everyone after the first test round among the Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors: first was to move fast, and the second was to keep a low profile.

Those who hadn't entered the circle had begun to size each other up again.

They all took note of those they thought were pretty powerful. Strategy was key and it would be best to force the stronger ones out of the circle as soon as possible.

This meant that the well-known, top-level Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors were at a disadvantage.

Sure, they might've been stronger than the rest but their fame meant the others would work hard in eliminating them first.

A low profile was the key strategy for these types of tests. The less your opponents saw you as a threat, the longer you could skirt around the edges and survive.

Out of everyone, it was Lord Randy that was seen as the probable biggest threat. Although he was not a member of the Jade Martial House, he was still someone who was able to obtain his fiefdom at such a young age. His strength was also only inferior to the divine kingdom's crown prince. Everyone's minds thought of the same question: if all twenty-nine Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors united against him, would he be able to fight through them all?

Lord Randy, of course, was not oblivious to what went on in the minds of the other warriors. Their stares made it very obvious.

He snorted. "Only the weak would waste their time with tricks," he muttered to himself. He had chosen to go to the Feather Holy Sea in the name of a Lord and that meant he had to overcome all the obstacles and pass this test lest he brought shame upon the royal family. A couple of warriors wouldn't be enough to stand in his way.

Zen was regarding the situation with slight interest. His cultivation base was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm and he was a stranger here in the Harlen Divine Kingdom. His low profile was already a given and he could effectively use it to his advantage.

"Looks like these guys already figured out how to play this game," a Soul Sea Realm master laughed heartily.

"I hope we get some powerful young fellows this year," another remarked. "Last year's journey was the worst harvest our divine kingdom had. We'll be in big trouble if that happens again this year. We have to make sure that our Jade Martial House does better!" The Soul Sea Realm masters' worries were not displaced.

The costs of establishing and maintaining these martial houses came straight from the divine kingdoms' deep pockets. They were built for the sole purpose of training elites who would discover and bring back treasure and resources from the Feather Holy Sea. A portion of the spoils went directly to the divine kingdoms while the rest went to

simply banded together to shut his mouth and defeat him. However, Lord Randy was different because they were all well aware that his arrogance stemmed from his unprecedented power. They weren't even sure if they'd be able to defeat him even if they joined forces together.

Zen slightly shook his head at the other participants' reaction, 'This guy's smart, ' he thought to himself, pertaining to Lord Randy. 'He knows he's famous so it would be useless for him to keep a low profile. Therefore, he's doing the exact opposite by scaring everyone into submission with his arrogance.'

If his opponents were too scared to band together, then they could never hope to defeat him.

Arrogance came from power and if everyone was aware of how powerful one truly was, they would not question one's arrogance and instead fear his potential.

The round of test soon quickly began.

The other warriors were immediately abuzz with discussion at this interesting round.

"Who do you think will be eliminated first? Do you think it'll be Lord Randy?"

"I don't think so. He's too powerful. Nobody would be dumb enough to challenge him." "I bet that guy Thad will be first to go. He's just at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm! What a joke!"

"Yeah! Do you see how weak he looks? How could he possibly defend himself against his opponents? One single hit would be enough to send him flying!"

"Look! Someone already targeted him. I guess it's time for him to say goodbye!"

The discussion was lively, especially with the thought of Zen's swift defeat. The warrior that had targeted him rushed fiercely towards his direction, "You're the first to go, pipsqueak!"

Zen's eyes gleamed with contempt but he reigned himself in. Instead of a counterattack, he skirted through the edge of the red circle and quickly sidestepped the oncoming warrior.

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