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   Chapter 1067 Victors (Part Two)

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From all the people that were inside the red circle, only three people would remain at the very end. None of them were willing to be pushed out, and many of them shared the same tactic -- eliminate the strongest one first!

Every martial artist had already evaluated each of their opponents the moment they saw them. 'You look weaker than me? Alright, since you don't pose much of a threat to me, I won't bother to wipe you out myself. You will either be knocked out by others, or when there are only a few people left in the circle, I will deal with you then! In any case, you are weaker than me, and it is only a matter of time before I defeat you. Why should I bother to waste my energy and time on you?' That was a typical thought of many of the contestants in the red circle.

Thus, everyone's goal from the very start wasn't to squeeze out the weakest, but the strongest!

With such logic, who would be the first to be wiped out?

Of course, it would be the fellow who looked the strongest! And it was exactly that arrogant guy who dared to occupy the most advantageous position inside the red circle!

The moment he decided to take that center position, he already doomed himself to lose. The attack on him was instantaneous, and it was all his fault.

It was out of instinct of survival that these martial artists chose to join hands against him.

This test's main goal was not to pick the strongest among the fighting warriors. It aimed to see who was the best at making decisions, and maximizing his or her strength according to that. Being strong was a plus, but only if you played the game right, otherwise you would be under attack on all sides right fro

ous! Among the six martial artists, three of them would be able to stay and win the round. So every one of them had half a chance of passing the test!

A few of them were fighting, but some were not and were just looking for the most advantageous moment to attack.

However, if these Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists did not fight, the Jade Martial House would have a way to make them fight! Suddenly, the red circle began to shrink!

First, it trembled slightly and started to close up towards the center. The way it was narrowing was slow, so the warriors inside had the time to plan their next move.

Despite the time that was being given to them, they couldn't help but panic. The fighting area was getting smaller and smaller, and they would have to make a move in the next moments!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The first martial artist who had lost his patience was the first to be thrown out of the red circle.

Following that, two other warriors were also instantly driven out.....

The battle had come to an end, and the remaining three martial artists became the victors of the first round.

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