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   Chapter 1066 Victors (Part One)

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The moment the martial artists who were at the Virtual Tribulation Realm entered the red circle, they quickly charged towards its center.

This red circle was only a few hundred feet in diameter, and a martial artist who was at the Virtual Tribulation Realm would be able to cross it in just one step. From the beginning, it was clear that every martial artist who entered tried their best to occupy the advantageous center spot in order to prevent others from pushing them out.

"Get away! This is my place!" A warrior who was as robust as a gorilla roared to the others.

This warrior was the first one who was able to get to the center point of the red circle. He stood there firmly while the warriors beside him glared at him ferociously, hatred and jealousy evident in their eyes. Despite that, the warrior stood sturdily in his place, his chin up. He was at the peak-level of the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm -- his temples were bulging, giving off a heavy aura, as if what he had practiced was an extremely aggressive cultivation technique. Because of that, no one dared to fight him for the central position.

Just when the thirty of them had chosen their positions, a master at the Soul Sea Realm came into view and announced, "Now the first round... begin!"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

As soon as the Soul Sea Realm master gave the pronouncement, the life vitality of every warrior suddenly exploded all at the same time!

Upon seeing this scene, Zen furrowed his eyebrows, and a strange look came over his face. He was confused and worried.

The reason for that was because the power of the life vitality that erupted from those warriors was restricted inside the red circle!

But after seeing that the other several hundred warriors didn't seem to be perturbed by w

f moment of chaos, the warrior who had been at the center of the circle was pushed out of the fighting area.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!..."

Breathing heavily, he spat out a mouthful of blood on the ground and glared at the people who had launched attacks on him.

Less than a few seconds into the round, the most promising warrior had already been knocked out. It undoubtedly surprised many spectators who were expecting him to win the whole thing.

The three powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm looked at each other, a faint smile gracing their lips. The three of them seemed to have expected this to happen as well.

The warriors who had mocked Zen and his comment earlier glanced back at him with a shame in their eyes. Their unwavering confidence a while back was replaced with shame and doubts. 'This fellow seemed to really have insightful observations, ' they all thought.

Amongst all the warriors present, the only ones who had predicted this to happen were the three mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, and Zen.

Aside from being strong, another thing that would help a warrior win this whole thing was wisdom. It might go unsaid, but it was the most important rule of the fight.

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