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   Chapter 1065 The Red Circle

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The woman at the Internal Elixir Realm started registering Zen's information.

Zen had been a bit worried, afraid that the woman would ask him where he came from. He had discussed this with Francis before and they decided that Zen should fabricate a new identity.

Francis told Zen not to worry. According to him, the divine kingdoms didn't care where the warriors came from and would treat them as independent warriors.

After all, to the four divine kingdoms, it wasn't important where the warriors came from as long as they had enough strength to obtain the resources from within the Feather Holy Sea. Once those resources were gathered, the divine kingdoms would receive a portion of them and that was what mattered to them.

Moreover, the four divine kingdoms were surrounded by the sea. In tens of thousands of years, there had been few visitors from other continents. As a result, in the eyes of the emperors of the four divine kingdoms, every warrior in their territories would belong to their respective divine kingdoms.

Zen answered each question without hesitation until the woman asked for his name. With a quick thought, he answered, "My name is Thad Luo."

His real name, Zen Luo, wasn't suitable for him to travel in the divine kingdoms. He didn't want the Holy Maiden of the York Divine Kingdom to recognize him by his name.

After registration, the woman smiled politely at Zen. She sealed all the information in a bamboo token and handed it to him. "The first round of the exam is scheduled in three days. On that day, all the warriors of this martial house and the independent warriors will gather. I hope you will perform well!"

'How kind!' Zen thought to himself, though he knew she was being sarcastic. In her mind, this young man was a nobody and destined to fail in the first round.

The competition in the divine kingdoms was rather fierce.

There were only fifty licenses in the Jade Martial House, which meant that all warriors were fighting for fifty Harlen Tokens.

There were nearly six hundred warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm alone fighting for the Harlen Tokens in the Jade Martial House. Most of these warriors were at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, which was much higher than the cultivation of this young man standing in front of her. Not to mention, the warriors trained by the Jade Martial House were much stronger than the independent warriors.

There were also princes who participated in the contest fighting for the licenses. Randy was one of them, and he was certain he would be able to obtain a Harlen Token.

Besides, there were two or three hundred independent warriors like Zen that signed up for the exam, and most of them were at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

The young man in front of her seemed to have a good foundation and was already at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. At the age of twenty, this was an impressive achievement, but it was still too early for him to obtain the Harlen Token.

The woman had no bad feelings towards Zen. In fact, she was sympathetic to him. She couldn't help showing her true thoughts through

e warrior, all the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm remained quiet and didn't move.

Zen was suddenly taken back to his first day at the Cloud Sect. He thought about all the disciples who immediately started chatting with each other as soon as they heard about the exam. He felt quite nostalgic.

Now he was at a whole other level competing against the strongest. The over a thousand warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm in front of him had different qualities. There were a few divine-level talents like Zen and Randy who had stepped into the Virtual Tribulation Realm at such a young age, but most of the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were not young. Their age ranged from tens to hundreds of years old.

Naturally, they were not newbies who had just entered the martial world and got excited about everything.

The mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm announced the list of candidates in the first round.

"Thirty warriors will participate in the first round. From these thirty warriors, only three will remain. In other words, 90% will be eliminated," he said.

Zen closed his eyes in introspection while listening attentively to him. He finished reciting the names very quickly, and Zen didn't hear his name "Thad Luo." He wasn't included in the first round.

The disadvantage of being called in the first round was that the warriors were not familiar with the rules and environment. The ones left out could observe the rules first and be on their guard when they came to fight. However, not being aware of the rules could bring advantages to the smartest warriors who knew how to use it to their favor.

Soon, thirty warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm entered the stage at the same time and stood within the red circle in the center of the square.

The warriors were eager to begin the examination. The preliminary assessment was very important because the eliminated participants would be out of the competition and could no longer fight for the Harlen Tokens. As a warrior of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, everyone knew the importance of the Harlen Tokens.

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