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   Chapter 1063 The Jade Martial House

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For Zen, the Feather Holy Sea was a mystery. He wondered how such a small inland sea could gather so many secret lands.

After hearing Francis' words, he became even more curious. What really was the Feather Holy Sea? They were all under the same impression that ordinary warriors weren't even allowed once to glance at it. Was it true that one could die right after looking at it?

The idea was somewhat ridiculous for Zen.

"Is the entire Feather Holy Sea surrounded by these city walls?"

Zen asked, crossing his arms on his chest.

"Yes, the city walls have been built in a complete circle, tightly surrounding the entire Feather Holy Sea. Hovering over the place is a farfetched task, as a no-fly ban is imposed. Once anyone breaks the rule, Life and Death Realm masters will come rushing to the scene," Francis answered.

Truly, the vastness of the city walls around an inland sea was unimaginable.

Hearing this surprised Zen all the more. Wasn't that a bit too exaggerated?

What kind of treasures were tucked in the Feather Holy Sea that made all risks they took worth it?

The divine kingdoms' war kings and war emperors weren't a bunch of idiots. There was a reason behind everything that they had done.

The more curious Zen became, the more urge he grew to go and have a look for himself. He wanted to see for himself. What was the Feather Holy Sea all about?

"Are you thinking of breaking this no-fly ban? Let's say you get past the Life and Death Realm warriors. The Soul Sea Realm warriors will appear next! Coming one after the other just to make sure you don't find anything. It's too dangerous," Francis warned.

Zen shook his head and laughed. He understood Francis quite well, and he knew that it really was dangerous. To do something like that was a stupid idea. Francis told him days ago that if he were to forcefully break through the Feather Holy Sea, it could attract war emperors, too. Hence, he could lose his chance of getting in the Feather Emperor Secret Land.

Finally, Zen left the city walls. It took him about five minutes to finally locate the legendary Jade Martial House.

The Jade Martial House was equivalent to a sixth-grade sect. Its front door was built in such an unusual style, and countless warriors knelt in front.

Glancing at the view, Zen realized that there were more than ten thousand warriors kneeling on the ground, and most of them were at the Illuminating Soul and Internal Elixir Realms. He frowned at the scene before him and asked, "What's going on?"

"The Jade Martial House is the martial arts sacred land of the Harlen Divine Kingdom. These warriors want to enter, but they failed to meet the requirements. They only hope that their sincerity will one day influence the members of the martial house and change their minds," Francis answered.

What he heard astonished him beyond belief. Those warriors did such a thing just so they cou

a. However, it was not easy for him to obtain a spot. He needed to be one of the top martial artists before he got the chance to get the spot.

The reason for that was because all the warriors who managed to enter the Feather Emperor Secret Land were at least Life and Death Realm masters. Even if Zen passed the test and secured a good result in the martial house, he still had to compete with those Life and Death Realm masters if he really wanted to set foot in the Feather Holy Sea.

Zen had long anticipated this, but he managed to stay collected. Besides cultivating, he even bought some books with him to learn more about the local customs of the four great divine kingdoms.

The more he learned, the more he was advantageous. Opportunities always came to those who prepared well. As Zen made his way to the Feather Holy Sea to rescue Letitia, he had to be prudent before making any hasty move.

Relatively speaking, that trip to the four great divine kingdoms was much more comfortable than the one to the Sea God Continent.

However, it was clear to Zen that he was eventually going to compete against the masters.

Half a month later, Zen had registered according to the instructions. After he obtained a token, he was finally allowed to walk into the entrance of the Jade Martial House.

Just as he did so, four Life and Death Realm warriors aggressively rushed from behind him. When they were in front of Zen, one of them yelled, "Move!"

Zen frowned slightly as he heard the sound coming just right behind where he stood. He turned his head to look and was met with a whip.

With the same displeased look on his face, Zen watched Francis as he grabbed the whip. Then, his eyes fell on the person behind the four Life and Death Realm warriors. He was a young man who wore a brocade robe and appeared to be only at the age of seventeen or eighteen. However, he had already reached the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

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