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   Chapter 1061 Arrival (Part Two)

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"Strong gales are coming!"

These gusts of howling winds were not invisible or colorless - there were golden lines embedded around them. With that, he was able to recognize what those were - the convective gusts of wind in the deep sky that were said to crush and destroy anything that got in them!

Zen had seen such strong gusts of wind before.

In order to cultivate the Stellar Body, he had to take advantage of the gravitational force of the stars to project his spiritual sense hundreds of millions of miles away. Every time he cultivated the Stellar Body, Zen would have to pass through the layer of strong gales.

However, in the past, it was only his spiritual sense that went through such strong gales. But this time, however, he was facing them head on, and it was his physical body that had to pass through them.

Zen knew that these strong gales would be able to destroy almost everything in their path. Even if Zen's body was a top-grade fairy weapon, he probably wouldn't be able to withstand them.

With the intense wind coming nearer and nearer to him, Zen twisted his body and drew a circle in the air. He then rapidly flew towards the downwind of the layer of gusts.

Seeing this, Francis followed closely behind.

From his point of view, he couldn't wait to see Zen get killed by the strong gales. Not one being would be willing to carry a slave seal and become someone else's slave. No one in their right mind would agree to not have control over their own life. Not to mention, he was a master at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm.

When he caught himself thinking this, though, he quickly shook his head, as if to shake it off. 'After all, ' he thought, furrowing his eyebrows. 'Zen could control ev

there was a large amount of dark red blood blobs. Needless to say, these were left behind by the Water-eyed Swallowing Beast who just got injured a while ago.

As the two journeyed, they encountered so many dangers.

For example, on the surface of the sea, a few reefs covered in mist suddenly appeared. They heard beautiful singing coming from them, the type of music that would seduce travelers to stop for a bit and rest.

Zen and Francis almost got hooked by it. It was only when Zen approached the reef and he saw a few indistinct black figures standing on it that he was jolted into consciousness once again by the cyan dragon in his mind. Although he did not know what those terrifying shadows were, it was very clear that if he were to go near them, he would definitely die.

On the other hand, Francis just smiled and kept flying towards the reef.

Zen had no choice but to use the slave seal to command Francis to follow him, effectively rescuing him from the claws of death.

They traveled cautiously through the treacherous Chaotic Ocean of Stars after that. After more than ten days of travel, Zen finally saw a continent in the distance.

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