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   Chapter 1060 Arrival (Part One)

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Through the slave seal, Zen could clearly sense the fear in Francis's heart. Since things weren't looking well for them, they started looking terrified. It seemed that some fierce beast had suddenly appeared right before them. As Francis shot up towards the sky, Zen did so as well.

In this boundless universe, humans were not considered as the sole rulers. Even in the Sea God Continent, there were many different types of intelligent races.

Also, in this world, the area that the sea occupied far exceeded that of land's. Because of that, the amount of fierce beasts that were inhabiting the sea was tens of thousands of times greater than that of the creatures on land.

Many of them dwelt in the depths of the vast ocean, and it bestowed upon them richer resources and a wider space to grow and develop. It was more than what land could ever provide for them.

This reminded Zen of the time when he had just entered Mist's celestial tomb. When he was on that journey, he encountered high-grade fierce beasts that were comparable to cultivators at the Life and Death Realm. But then, the place where Mist's celestial tomb was situated was not far from Central Region.

At the center the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, there existed beasts that were comparable to powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. There were even creatures which were more powerful than masters at the Soul Sea Realm.


Just as Zen and Francis were rapidly rising up to the sky, a gigantic black shadow suddenly appeared beneath the vortex!

As the loud sound of water splashing rang out, Zen looked back just in time to see a huge creature emerging from the water. Then, without warning, it leapt into the air!

"What is that?" Zen asked as he stared at the huge creature behind him. Fear took a hold

re even crazier and greedier than he had imagined.

Ever since the incident with the four divine kingdoms, every time the Water-eyed Swallowing Beasts sensed any trace of a human, they would leap out of the water to attack.

As Francis and Zen were talking, the Water-eyed Swallowing Beast had already completely leaped out of the water. It pounced on Zen and Francis.

"Up! Up! We still need to go up!" Francis exclaimed anxiously.

Their figures continued to ascend into the sky. Soon, they broke through the clouds and into the deep sky.

"This... Can that thing really jump so high?" Zen asked as he gazed below him. He wanted to see how close the creature was to them but a thick layer of clouds had completely blocked his vision.

Just as he thought that they were not being pursued anymore, he saw the colossal creature break through the clouds once again and continue to chase after them. Its sudden emergence disturbed the flow of air and even opened up a large hole in the thick clouds!

"Good heavens! Keep on rising quickly!" Zen shouted once again, fear now evident in his voice.

As Zen continued his ascent, he suddenly saw huge gusts of wind blowing towards them.

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