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   Chapter 1059 Crossing The Chaotic Ocean of Stars

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The World Commercial Alliance had strictly dictated that news of Zen leaving the Central Region should not spread.

Any sane person would understand that the World Commercial Alliance had firmly taken control of the Central Region and become its overlord. And now, Zen was guiding the alliance.

This had started after Zen had defeated Eddie. The other fourth-grade sects had already learned to keep quiet because they had neither the courage nor the strength to fight against the World Commercial Alliance.

As Zen led a group of unknown super masters to exterminate the powerhouses of the divine kingdom with lightning speed, fourth-grade sects such as the Bloodwood Cliff, the Mysterious Luna Hall, and the Black Mountain Sect could only bow their heads in submission. But they were glad that Zen had no plans to establish his own divine kingdom.

If he really intended to establish a divine kingdom, take over all the sects, and combine the influence of the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance, who in the Central Region could resist him right now?

But no matter what, Zen had great influence in the Central Region. This was why the World Commercial Alliance wanted to keep his whereabouts under wraps. As long as he was there, the York Divine Kingdom wouldn't dare to do anything.

Dillon and the others obviously believed that if the York Divine Kingdom were to go all out, even Zen wouldn't be able to defend himself against it.

However, each of the four divine kingdoms had their own axes to grind. They certainly wouldn't go through so much trouble just for the Central Region, a region that was not even worthy of mention.

In the skies above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, two beams of light shot straight towards the east. After sending Miguel and the others away, Zen and Francis began to cross the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

The storm in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars could roughly last for any time between three to six months. Zen wanted to cross it whenever the storm paused.

During this time, he had learned more about the York Divine Kingdom and the other three divine kingdoms from Francis.

Compared to the Central Region, everything on this continent was controlled by the four divine kingdoms and there weren't any sects.

Establishing a sect was the same as establishing one's own power, and the divine kingdoms would absolutely not allow this. This was because once a sect slowly rose to prominence, it would work against the divine kingdoms, even going ahead and establishing a new divine kingdom.

Three of the seven divine kingdoms had been destroyed ages ago, leaving the four divine kingdoms and their setups intact. No new divine kingdoms had ever been established, resulting in the achievement of a grand unification.

However, martial artists needed to cultivate, and divine ki

e Virtual Tribulation Realm at the time.

It wasn't strange for someone at the Illuminating Soul Realm to kill an Internal Elixir Realm warrior. Many divine-level talents were able enough to do this.

But the higher the cultivation level of warriors, the more powerful they were. And because of this, it was truly incredible for a warrior at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm to kill another warrior at the fourth level of the Life and Death Realm.

As a Life and Death Realm warrior, every time Francis passed through a life and death crisis, he would feel as if he had been reborn. For Zen to challenge a Life and Death Realm warrior, one could only imagine the astonishing talent he had.

After a moment of thought, Zen finally felt relieved. Joining a martial house was just a temporary measure. Right now, Letitia's life was of utmost importance.

So he made up his mind to join a martial house after entering the divine kingdom. He knew he couldn't fight his way into the Feather Holy Sea against war kings and war emperors.

Zen was immersed in thought when a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea before him.

Even though the storm in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars had paused, there were still mountain-like waves rolling in the sea. When the whirlpool appeared, there were more than ten mountain-like waves spiraling and crashing ahead.

"What a huge whirlpool!"

This whirlpool was the size of about a tenth of the area of the Central Region. Its edges formed countless white bubbles, while its middle was still the blue color of the sea. But it was pitch black at the bottom of the whirlpool, as if it could lead to hell.

Francis's eyes bugged as he saw the whirlpool. He said urgently, "Quick, fly to the sky!"

He might be enslaved by Zen and he might not be able to resist Zen's orders, but he was still afraid of death.

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