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   Chapter 1058 Set Off

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Zen's words brought a trace of admiration on the faces of Miguel and everyone else. Here was a man at his finest! They knew that Zen wasn't going to let the Life and Death Realm master take his own life, but this was perhaps the most important test the warrior could ever face.

When the Life and Death Realm master heard Zen's words, his eyes gleamed and gradually became clear. He looked like a normal person right now, but at Zen's command, he suddenly stretched out his hands and gathered his green life vitality. The life vitality condensed into many sharp thorns which were about to hit his own head.

Considering his strength, one thing was sure: if he slapped his head with his hand, he would definitely die.

In the nick of time, Zen flatly ordered, "Stop!"

When the Life and Death Realm master heard Zen's order, his hand froze in midair. He looked at the latter inquiringly, as if waiting for Zen to issue the next order, almost like a man possessed.

"Don't kill yourself. Tell me your name," Zen coolly ordered him.

The Life and Death Realm master nodded and complied, "My name is Francis Cao."

"Alright. Francis Cao, follow me." After Zen had finished speaking, he flew downwards without looking back, as if he was certain that Francis Cao wouldn't refuse his orders. Without hesitation, Francis Cao nodded and followed closely behind him.

The slave seal he had on him was very powerful and unique. Once enslaved, a warrior wouldn't lose himself and get turned into a puppet. In fact, he would still have his own consciousness. As long as Zen did not give any unusual orders, he would act like a normal person and no one would be able to see anything wrong from him.

However, come what may, he could not disobey Zen's words.

In less than two hours, the greatest crisis in the history of the Central Region was easily resolved.

Dillon and the others were highly relieved now.

They didn't have anything to worry about anymore. Since the very moment when Miguel had led a group of masters to the Central Region, those members of the York Divine Kingdom were doomed!

In fact, Dillon and the others were now a hundred percent certain that Zen had now practically become the leader of the Central Region, even if he didn't want to be. He had no choice but to admit this fact, even though he did not have the ambition to establish a divine kingdom.

Even Zen could beat anyone in the Central Region if he brought out his own strength, not to mention the one hundred powerful masters from the Sea God Continent.

Every single warrior in the Central Region knew as much. They only had to put two and two together to confirm that Zen was the most powerful person in the Central Region right now.

Fortunately, Zen didn't have the ambition to unify the Central Region. Otherwise, if he tried to establish a divine kingdom, who would be able to go up against him?

However, what they did not know was that Zen did have an ambition. In fact, Zen's ambition was greater than that of anyone in the Central Region and was beyond their imagination. His goal was not limited to this great world. He knew

ked up at the sky. Today was the day that one hundred masters would leave the city.

Naturally, the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance had to send them off personally.

However, what surprised everyone was the fact that Miguel and the other warriors didn't accept any precious gifts for themselves. They also refused to accept the numerous treasures that the World Commercial Alliance had gifted them.

After all, a low-grade sacred weapon that was treated as a treasure in the Central Region was a very common treasure in Miguel's eyes. Thus they of course didn't have any interest in the things that the World Commercial Alliance had given them.

But what made people even more astonished was that Miguel actually packed a lot of ingredients from the Central Region with him and even asked the World Commercial Alliance for a few famous chefs...

These chefs were also warriors, but they were only at the nature level. Even the most powerful one was only at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Upon learning that they could go to another continent to prepare food for those Soul Sea Realm masters, those chefs gladly agreed. They had been working hard in the World Commercial Alliance their whole lives, and they were only chefs. If they could serve these Soul Sea Realm masters well, perhaps the latter would be pleased and might give them a chance to break through. For the chefs, this was a rare opportunity.

Before Zen left, he looked deeply at Letitia who was lying on the bed. But once he left the Heavenly Stellar Palace, all the sadness and disappointment disappeared from his face, replaced by a resolute expression!

Soon after, Zen brought Francis Cao, who had been enslaved by him, to meet with Miguel and the others. They then rushed towards the eastern side of the Central Region.

Miguel and the others returned to the Sea God Continent. As for Zen, he took advantage of the small period of time when the storm stopped raging on the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. He immediately decided to cross it and enter the territory of the four great divine kingdoms.

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