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   Chapter 1057 The Slave Seal

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Dillon sighed. It was not that he pitied Master Wallace. The almighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm were born from tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of warriors. It took a lot of resources and time to reach the Soul Sea Realm, but it only took one quick moment to end them.

This was the world of martial artists. Even if you stepped into the Soul Sea Realm and became an emperor, you still wouldn't be able to escape your fate.

It was very difficult to kill a Soul Sea Realm warrior. Even in the four divine kingdoms, the death of a Soul Sea Realm warrior was an earth-shattering event.

Master Wallace and Master Abraham had been too careless. They were surrounded by nine Soul Sea Realm warriors with nowhere to escape. This was why they had ended up in such a sorry state.

The battle had only lasted for a short time before they were both killed.

Zen slowly floated into the air with his hands behind his back, arriving before the last surviving Life and Death Realm warrior.

He had answered Zen's question, so Miguel and the others let him go.

Zen's gaze was fixed on his face. He was a powerhouse who had endured five life and death crises, and was stronger than Eddie. However, when he faced Zen, who was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he was petrified.

Of course, Zen knew he was not afraid of him, but the persons behind him.

"You, you promised not to kill me," the warrior stammered.

Zen nodded and laughed. "Yeah. I indeed agreed not to kill you, but I cannot let you stay in the Central Region, nor can I allow you to return to the York Divine Kingdom. What should I do? Do you have any ideas?"

"Well..." The man's face froze. He had originally planned to say Zen bullied him, but so what? Zen could easily kill him. After all, he had not used his warrior spirit to take the oath.

The warrior thought about it for a while and eventually shook his head. "I can't think of anything!"

Not too far away from Zen, Miguel faintly smiled. "It's simple. Just disable your skills!" It was a simple but cruel suggestion.

A Life and Death Realm warrior whose cultivation was destroyed was as good as dead. But he had to pay a price for his life. Once he entered the Life and Death Realm, he would have to fight against the heavens' law. He still had to undergo the Small Heavenly Tribulations after he was disabled.

When the Heavenly Tribulations began, they would follow a certain pattern and descend in an orderly manner at a fixed time without mistake.


ure to enslave others."

The cyan dragon was proficient in the divine texture technique. It appeared as though he was looking down on this type of divine texture.

"Are you sure?" Zen asked, wanting to be a hundred percent sure. He would soon step into the four divine kingdoms. If he had a Life and Death Realm powerhouse as a guide, it would save a lot of time and effort.

But if he was tricked by this fellow, then he might cause trouble in the Central Region once Miguel and the others left. Zen wanted to avoid this at all costs.

The cyan dragon nodded affirmatively. "This is a very common slave seal. Once enslaved, he will not be able to resist, but there is a requirement. That is, your soul force must be stronger than his. If not, the slave seal will turn against you."

"I see." Zen was very confident of his soul.

Master Wallace's soul had only reached the Fighting Soul Realm. Zen was sure that this Life and Death Realm warrior's soul couldn't be stronger than his own soul.

He said to the warrior, "Well then, I will enslave you."

The warrior was reluctant for a moment. However, even if he was having second thoughts, he didn't have any other choice. He tossed the brown stone token at Zen gloomily.

Zen gently caressed the divine texture as he infused his life vitality into it, instantly activating the slave seal. Then he directed the slave seal towards the warrior.

The seal instantly stuck to the warrior's forehead, releasing a little bit of light. When the light on his forehead disappeared, he had a dull look in his eyes. "My master, do you have any instructions?" He nodded to Zen.

Zen smiled wickedly and said, "I want you to kill yourself."

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