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   Chapter 1056 Ganging Up

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The many powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm who were trapped in the Bewitching Domain felt their hearts beating rapidly at first. However, they soon returned to normal.

Powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm fought differently from ordinary warriors. Their fights started with the suppression of each other's domains, and this was followed by the collision with life vitality and physical bodies.

A domain's impact on a martial artist's strength was enormous, and each martial artist's domain was different.

Some warriors' domains could be very aggressive to the point of being insane and indomitable, while some other warriors' domains only played a subsidiary role.

The Bewitching Domain of Master Wallace could disrupt his opponent's state of mind. His domain could cause a huge change in the mind of a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm in a one-on-one fight. It could make the opponent extremely irritable for a short time and make it hard for him to draw out his strength.

However, there were nine powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm in Master Wallace's domain. As the Bewitching Domain was spread across the nine of them, its impact would be reduced and wouldn't be much of a threat.

Miguel gently waved both of his hands within Master Wallace's domain, sending out colorful strips, which spread out in spirals. These colorful spirals spun around Miguel several times, and then suddenly shone with rays of dazzling light. Miguel looked like a small sun, shining so brightly that nobody could even open their eyes.

"A domain that can disrupt one's mind? That is quite interesting, but it's too weak. Ha-ha!"

Miguel's confident voice rang out from the light!

The Purple Heart Sacred Place of the human race was a low-ranked sacred place in the Sea God Continent, but it didn't mean that the elite martial artists of the human race were weak, because otherwise the Purple Heart Sacred Place would have been destroyed long ago.

The human race would have been wiped out of the Sea God Continent for good, but they were able to sustain until now, largely due to the fact that they had relied on these three top-notch masters of the Soul Sea Realm.

Miguel's strength might be inferior to that of Amber's, as well as that of the leaders of the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place, but it was significant enough to make him enter into the top ten rankings of the Sea God Continent!

"Soul Division Domain!"

The way the Soul Sea Realm's domain worked was that one could use one's own strength to carve out one's own territory. By relying on one's own strength, one could change the rules of the domain within a limited range!

This was also what was called "snatching a turf from the world".

Of course, the Soul Sea Realm's domain had a limited range of influence, and the changeable rules were also relatively limited.

If the domain's influence could be spread throughout the entire universe and the rules could be changed as per one's will, then the cultivator would gain contro

iguel's massive attacks. But Master Wallace was still in a miserable state despite being hidden in the turtle shell. His face took on a scary dark red color. Obviously, he had suffered great injuries.

Miguel was surprised to see that Master Wallace had withstood his attacks. The Central Region was weaker than the Sea God Continent, but the inheritances of a divine kingdom were stronger than those of the Sea God Continent!

If it weren't for the turtle shell, Master Wallace would have been instantly obliterated by Miguel.

"Humph, I am determined to fight you to the finish!" Master Wallace spoke to Miguel through gritted teeth.

"Fight me?" Miguel smirked, "Or us?"

Master Wallace thought he would have a one-on-one fight with him. Miguel was confident of defeating him, but it was very difficult for one master at the Soul Sea Realm to kill another in a one-on-one battle. Moreover, Miguel didn't want Master Wallace to escape by using some tricks.

The domains of several other powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm began to inch towards Master Wallace.

Seeing this, Master Wallace's heart sank. Now he was surely doomed...

He had ambitiously set out from the York Divine Kingdom and traversed the Chaotic Ocean of Stars in high spirits and hopes. He never thought that the Central Region would become the place where he breathed his last.

All the powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm attacked at the same time. Different domains entwined with each other, firmly trapping Master Wallace and Master Abraham within. For a moment, loud explosions burst forth from the sky, sending shivers down onlookers' spines.

The two mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm from the York Divine Kingdom finally perished with the nine powerful masters from the Sea God Continent ganging up on them. Dillon and the others, who were watching the battle from Oracle City, couldn't help but shake their heads. It was such a pity that powerful figures, who had the ability to become emperors, were killed just like that.

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