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   Chapter 1055 Bewitching Domain

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The speed at which a Soul Sea Realm warrior could fly was unprecedented. Any warrior that had to chase someone at such a high level could never hope to catch up.

Even a Soul Sea Realm warrior himself would have difficulty chasing after someone of the same level.

Taking this fact into consideration, the forces of the Sea God Continent had made the necessary arrangements to prevent the escape of the York Divine Kingdom's powerhouses. Over a hundred strong warriors hid within the nearby surroundings through the use of the Demon Night's secret treasure.

This treasure was known as the Emerald Tree that could be used to conceal a warrior's aura. The seeds, once scattered, would germinate and turn into full-grown trees in just three days. These trees were short, about the height of a person, and were special in such a way that they allowed the people standing underneath to hide their aura.

These trees were very effective when it came to planning an ambush, but they could not be used for escape. After all, the growth cycle of three days was too slow. If one ran for his life, he wouldn't need it.

From these trees, over a hundred strong imposing auras were suddenly released and surrounded Master Wallace, Master Abraham, and the others of the York Divine Kingdom.

Six Soul Sea Realm masters from the Demon Night, as well as Miguel and a few others from the Purple Heart Sacred Place, spread out their own domains.

A domain was something that a warrior could have once he reached the Soul Sea Realm.

Each domain was unique to the warrior and was often based on the kind of cultivation technique he most excelled at.

It was these various domains from the Demon Night and Purple Heart Sacred Place masters that enveloped both Master Wallace and Master Abraham.

The two York Divine Kingdom masters were at a loss at their current situation. They had never foreseen such a thing coming!

Zen was actually able to gather nine mighty Soul Sea Realm warriors!

There were only a few Soul Sea Realm masters in the four divine kingdoms and Master Wallace and Master Abraham were two of them. Both held important positions in the York Divine Kingdom and enjoyed prestige that was even higher than the Holy Maiden's.

Breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm was comparable to the transcendence of a mere mortal to an almighty immortal.

If it weren't for the abnormalities that had occurred in the universe, those in the Soul Sea Realm would've already ascended into the Upper World by now.

Master Wallace did not hold the warriors of Central Region in high regard. He knew that a mere Life and

etreated and a figure immediately took his place. Miguel, who had the appearance of a transcendent being, stood protectively in front of Zen.

Miguel gave his opponent a faint smirk.

"You should fight with me."

Master Wallace hesitated at the sight of another person. However, the frustration he felt at the thought of not being able to eliminate Zen allowed him to quickly get back on his feet. He quickly halted in his tracks and slapped his palm on the ground.

A flash of brown-colored light swept through the battlefield, signaling the confrontation that brewed between the powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors.

None of the Life and Death Realm warriors could do anything but watch in combined fear and awe. This was not a fight that they could interfere in if they valued their lives.

Master Wallace's light diffused around him. "Bewitching Domain!"

he roared as the light expanded at an extremely fast rate.

Those that were too slow and were enveloped by the Bewitching Domain immediately felt their heart beat wildly. A haze enveloped their minds and they had the sudden urge to attack the person nearest to them.

It was because of the extremely powerful Bewitching Domain.

Those drawn into the brown light were doomed to lose their sense of logic and mindlessly attack the people nearest to them.

Given enough time, Master Wallace could envelop the entire Oracle City with his Bewitching Domain and wreak havoc all over the place. It would only take less than an hour for all martial artists to kill each other.

However, he couldn't really do that right now. Not when he was currently faced with nine Soul Sea Realm warriors. These were warriors on a whole other level who would not lose their minds in the haze.

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