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   Chapter 1054 Answer My Questions

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In all the four kingdoms, for a martial artist at the Virtual Tribulation Realm to be able to annihilate another warrior at the Life and Death Realm was only something from the historical legends. It wasn't just any normal occurrence. For that to happen was groundbreaking.

Even Master Abraham could've never done such a thing.

So when he heard Master Wallace's words, he became deeply interested in Zen. At such a young age, he already possessed unbelievable strength. Perhaps, it was because of the secret inheritance of the Dragon Lineage Human.

"You must not worry, Abraham. I don't plan on deceiving you. When have I ever done such insolence? I believe myself to be trustworthy."

Master Wallace suddenly rose to a higher height after his statement. He took a sharp breath as he looked onto the Oracle City, facing it head-on. A steady stream of energy gathered around him, and the sky overflowed out of nowhere.

Then, with all his might, he roared, "Zen Luo! Zen Luo! Zen Luo!

Come out! Come out! Show yourself!"

Like a thunderclap, his voice boomed in the ears of many martial artists. It echoed in the entire Oracle City and everyone heard him clearly.

The civilians, on the other hand, suffered. The reverberation of his voice exploded right in front of their foreheads like bolts of lightning. All of their eyes rolled to the back of their heads and most of them had fainted due to the intensity of Master Wallace's voice.

Even the weaker martial artists experienced great discomfort. Under the vibrations of the roar, they all felt their blood rushing up and down their body. Blood had come out of a few ears as their heart rates rapidly increased.

It was without question. He was showing off.

If a Soul Sea Realm martial artist decided to show off, what could he cause? How powerful could his aura be?

For a period of time, he basked in his immense strength. Master Wallace was beyond proud of what he could do. He knew that all the warriors his voice reached trembled in fear.

All of them didn't act recklessly in the York Divine Kingdom. It was just like a ridiculously wealthy man in the big city. Where he lived, it was a challenge to make something of himself. Everyone was someone. But when he went to the smaller city, he felt like he could do anything. People out there were so easily amused.

In the world of martial artists, this kind of action became ruthlessness and shamelessness.

Feeling entertained by what Master Wallace had just done, Master Abraham laughed and also flew up right beside him. He also absorbed a portion of energy. "Wallace, you're in a good mood! I'd like to give it a try too!"

"Hey, Zen Luo! Zen Luo! Zen Luo!

Come out and show yourself! What are you so afraid of? Come out!"

Right behind them were f


"I'll spare the life of the one who tells me first among the six of you." Zen smiled proudly like a kid, but his expression reeked of hidden savagery.

All six of them shared the same expression once again. They were all overwhelmed by Zen's words. Did they all hear him correctly?

Master Wallace hissed, "What? Do you mind saying that again?"

A young man at the Virtual Tribulation Realm had dared to show disrespect towards the masters of Life and Death Realm and Soul Sea Realm. For a moment, they thought the screws inside Zen's head were all unhinged. What a crazy boy.

"Okay, then. I said, whoever tells me the secret of the ancient jade, I'll spare his life," Zen repeated. "Take this as a race."

"What a waste of time. Abraham, your soul-searching skill can explore that guy's mind to the greatest extent. I'll capture him, and then you can sift through his soul!"

The secrets Zen had inside his mind were not a secret to Master Wallace. He was also aware that the dragon's soul wasn't easy to deal with. The last time his soul entered Zen's mind, it was killed. However, that soul he used had been strengthened by the Spirit Container. It was strong already.

That was why Master Wallace wasn't confident to enter Zen's mind once again. If his soul was to be devoured by the dragon, then it wasn't worth the risk.

Meanwhile, Master Abraham had practiced a secret technique that could save a soul from being gobbled. That was the reason why Master Wallace brought him along. Otherwise, regardless of the friendship between them, he never shared any secret with him.

As soon as Zen noticed that Master Wallace was about to make a move, a look of regret engulfed his face.

"It seems that no one wants to answer my questions. Pity. I had no idea you didn't value your lives that much. Well, then… Come out, all of you!"

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