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   Chapter 1054 Answer My Questions

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In all the four kingdoms, for a martial artist at the Virtual Tribulation Realm to be able to annihilate another warrior at the Life and Death Realm was only something from the historical legends. It wasn't just any normal occurrence. For that to happen was groundbreaking.

Even Master Abraham could've never done such a thing.

So when he heard Master Wallace's words, he became deeply interested in Zen. At such a young age, he already possessed unbelievable strength. Perhaps, it was because of the secret inheritance of the Dragon Lineage Human.

"You must not worry, Abraham. I don't plan on deceiving you. When have I ever done such insolence? I believe myself to be trustworthy."

Master Wallace suddenly rose to a higher height after his statement. He took a sharp breath as he looked onto the Oracle City, facing it head-on. A steady stream of energy gathered around him, and the sky overflowed out of nowhere.


mind were not a secret to Master Wallace. He was also aware that the dragon's soul wasn't easy to deal with. The last time his soul entered Zen's mind, it was killed. However, that soul he used had been strengthened by the Spirit Container. It was strong already.

That was why Master Wallace wasn't confident to enter Zen's mind once again. If his soul was to be devoured by the dragon, then it wasn't worth the risk.

Meanwhile, Master Abraham had practiced a secret technique that could save a soul from being gobbled. That was the reason why Master Wallace brought him along. Otherwise, regardless of the friendship between them, he never shared any secret with him.

As soon as Zen noticed that Master Wallace was about to make a move, a look of regret engulfed his face.

"It seems that no one wants to answer my questions. Pity. I had no idea you didn't value your lives that much. Well, then…

Come out, all of you!"

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