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   Chapter 1053 Master Abraham

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Among the six warriors, two of them were at the Soul Sea Realm, while the other four were at the level of Life and Death Realm.

It seemed that the warriors from the Central Region had guessed it right—the four divine kingdoms truly didn't take the Central Region seriously.

In their eyes, the location of the divine kingdoms was the center of this world. They believed that there was practically nothing across the vast ocean.

A lot of warriors originated from the four divine kingdoms had been to Sky Northern Region for exploration during the remote ages until the middle ages. That sort of place, however, was simply impossible to find under any opportunities. Thus, there were very few warriors from the divine kingdoms willing to go to the Sky Northern Region, let alone pay a high cost to attack the said region.

Thus, since the ancient times, the warriors that came to the Sky Northern Region were all those that offended the divine kingdoms and had chosen to flee. Since they had nowhere else to go, hiding in the Sky Northern Region was their best alternative.

Only this time, it was different.

The Holy Maiden of the York Divine Kingdom ordered Master Wallace to annihilate the Cloud Hall, a small fourth-grade sect.

Initially, Master Wallace could not understand why the Holy Maiden was hostile towards a small sect in the Sky Northern Region that was tens of thousands of miles away.

But later on, he soon realized that the young man named Zen had offended her.

For this rationale alone, Master Wallace would not personally step into the Sky Northern Region. Being a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm, he didn't need to listen to the Holy Maiden.

But this time he came to the Sky Northern Region. And this was naturally because of the secret in Zen's mind!

He happened to take a glimpse of what was in Zen's mind at that incident where a strand of his soul was devoured. That was a huge temptation!

Every time he thought of this, he could not suppress the excitement in his heart. He knew he had a better perspective. If he decided to keep this secret on his own, his future would be bright. Even the York Divine Kingdom would be trampled under his feet one day. And he was looking forward to it!

The four divine kingdoms were undeniably too far away from the Sky Northern Region. Moreover, Master Wallace and his group had to avoid some dangerous areas along the way, so they tried their best not to provoke those powerful vicious beasts in the ocean.

Several days later, the six warriors of the York Divine Kingdom finally appeared on the east side of the Sky Northern Region.

"Wallace, there seems to be a small sect there. Let's have a look." The other warrior at the Soul Sea Realm, who came with Master Wallace, was Master Abraham. They were close friends. And it was only because of Master Wallace's invitation that he came here with him.

These warriors of the York Divine Kingdom all perceived that the trip to the Sky Northern Region was not dangerous at all. They realized that this was a place where even warriors at the Life and Death Realm could rule over the entire area. To them, they could do whatever they wanted in the Sky Northern Region. They even agreed that in

help them out. And this was when three divine kingdoms were annihilated.

The remaining four divine kingdoms only gained the upper hand during modern times. And that was also the time when they completely exterminated the Dragon Lineage Human, turning it into a piece of history and legend within the divine kingdoms.

Even if it was just a legend, the Dragon Lineage Human still had many inheritances and ruins, and these things were like gold mines that attracted warriors of the divine kingdoms to excavate them.

Thus any secret related to the Dragon Lineage Human was incomparably precious in the divine kingdoms. Through the years, their warriors had dug up far too many benefits from the Dragon Lineage Human.

"Why would I joke around with you? Wait till I catch this brat and search his soul, then you'll know!" Master Wallace's face revealed a smile brimming with confidence.

Seeing how confident Master Wallace was, Master Abraham also believed in him by twenty to thirty percent. Anyway, there were a lot of warriors of divine kingdoms that had offended other strong warriors. And they resorted to hiding in the Sky Northern Region. But here, those warriors would eventually die. Maybe this secret was brought over by those warriors and captured by the warriors in the Central Region.

"Since that guy has the secret of the Dragon Lineage Human, his strength should not be weak. I wonder if he has any helpers?" On the other hand, a hint of caution appeared on Master Abraham's face.

"Ha-ha!" Hearing the words coming from Master Abraham, Master Wallace burst out laughing. "That guy's strength is not bad. He is at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and yet he killed a warrior at the fourth grade of the Life and Death Realm."

"Really?" The eyes of Master Abraham flickered. Regardless of whether it was the Virtual Tribulation Realm or the Life and Death Realm, he didn't give a damn. However, according to Master Wallace, the guy himself was at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, yet he was able to kill a warrior at the fourth grade of the Life and Death Realm.

This was very impressive.

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