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   Chapter 1052 A Sumptuous Meal

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Zen had no idea what was going on in Dillon's mind.

As he heard Dillon stammering, Zen knew that he was probably taken aback by Miguel's group.

Zen tried to reassure him by saying, "Master Shi, I would like to introduce you my friends. We have been fighting side by side for the past two years."


Dillon felt happy hearing that Zen had made new friends while he was away. He actually felt overjoyed and his worries vanished quickly. With such a group of mighty warriors around, he didn't have to be afraid of the York Divine Kingdom anymore.

Now he was dying to know where Zen had been in the past two years to have made such a group of friends.

And why these mighty warriors would be willing to make friends with a guy who had a much lower cultivation level?

Hobbes had always been impatient. He wanted to talk to Zen right away and have him tell him the whole story. But there were over a hundred strong warriors before him, so he remained quiet hoping he would have the opportunity to do so later on.

As for Haber, he was the quiet one. His expression didn't change much when he saw these mighty warriors. But actually, he was just as shocked to see Miguel's group as anyone else.

"Friends? Great!" Dillon was stunned for a moment and then, with a smile from ear to ear, he said, "If you are Zen's friends, you are our friends too. Welcome to the World Commercial Alliance. We'd like you to join us for dinner. You will be our honored guests. Please come in."

Dillon didn't dare to snub Miguel and his warriors.

However, as he spoke, Miguel and the others didn't react. They didn't even nod or show a polite smile.

Dillon might be famous in the Central Region as one of the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance, and was a man of great influence. But in Miguel's eyes, he was a minor character without importance.

The warriors from the Sea God Continent only respected Zen and Lavender and would not bow to anyone else.

Dillon was getting more and more embarrassed. He scratched the back of his head and turned to look at Zen for help.

Seeing that Dillon was starting to feel embarrassed, Zen smiled and said, "Miguel, you must be tired from your journey. You came a long way from your home. I would like to invite you to a gathering in the city."

Only then did Miguel nod. He and his group followed Zen and flew towards Oracle City.

The grand hall of the Oracle City had been beautifully decorated for the occasion. Over a hundred wide tables were arranged in a single line. Beautiful female servants were shuffling through them, and exquisite dishes were being served.

The World Commercial Alliance put on its utmost dedication to please these mighty warriors. No one had ever seen such grandeur in the history of the World Commercial Alliance.

The chefs had prepared all kinds of exquisite dishes that were being served one after the other.

Most of the ingredients were rarities that could only be found at the World Commercial Alliance's warehouse. The me

was constantly being consumed. Although he used Hanson's ancient jades to replenish Letitia's life energy, that wouldn't last forever. They needed to find more ancient jades and do so quickly.

Right now Zen had to go to the four divine kingdoms to search for clues regarding that ancient jade.

After the warriors from the Sea God Continent had settled down in Oracle City, Zen was filled with anxiety, hoping that Master Wallace of the York Divine Kingdom would come to the Central Region soon.

Zen would be able to go on investigating the ancient jade once this problem had been solved.

He had waited for almost a month now, but nobody came. He was very anxious and regretted breaking the Eight-diagram Mirror. He could have used it to provoke Master Wallace, urging him to quickly pass through the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

As Zen waited anxiously, Miguel and the others were enjoying their time in Oracle City.

The Central Region might not be the best place for cultivation, but it was a very special place to enjoy life. For the first time in their lives, they didn't need to worry about surviving and could appreciate a leisurely life, experimenting the delicacies and customs of the Central Region.

As for the warriors of the Demon Night, they weren't in a hurry either. They were accompanying their queen and that was their greatest honor as they were afraid that she would drive them away.

Miguel and a hundred mighty warriors had stayed in the Central Region for 33 days now.

Six beams of light were seen swiftly advancing in the sky above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

Passing through the Chaotic Ocean of Stars was not an easy task. Even though the Star Storm had stopped, there were still berserk beasts on the way to face.

Some of the beasts were level ten, while others were even level eleven. Their strength was comparable to warriors at the Soul Sea Realm.

Even a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm like Master Wallace had to be careful and avoid provoking those fierce beasts.

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