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   Chapter 1051 Conflicted

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None of this group of super powerful masters would ever meet a rival in the Central Region!

A master at the Life and Death Realm was equivalent to a war sage on the Sea God Continent.

So Letitia, who had just entered the Life and Death Realm, was equivalent to a first level war sage.

But in reality, all the Life and Death Realm masters and war sages had to experience life and death situations. They were the same as the Small Heavenly Tribulations that Lavender had mentioned.

The Small Heavenly Tribulation was not just a life-and-death situation for martial artists, but also an important test for them.

After the Life and Death Realm, one could advance to the Soul Sea Realm by passing a few Small Heavenly Tribulations. However, the number of the Small Heavenly Tribulations one had to pass was different for each warrior. Generally, in order to advance to the Soul Sea Realm, a warrior would have to go through at least five or six Small Heavenly Tribulations.

Moreover, the higher the level of one's talent, the more Small Heavenly Tribulations one would have to go through, and the more powerful one would become after entering the Soul Sea Realm!

Therefore, the number of Small Heavenly Tribulations one had gone through also determined a martial artist's future prospects.

There were many war sages in the Sea God Continent, and the ones in front of them were the elite group. As per their cultivation levels, they were only a step away from the Soul Sea Realm! Most of them were sixth or seventh level war sages.

They had already undergone six or even seven life and death crises.

Any one of these war sages was much stronger than Eddie, who had endured only four life and death crises.

In other words, even one of them would be able to single-handedly destroy the entire Central Region!

Today, more than a hundred of them had gathered here and their combined power was terrifying!

The warriors in the World Commercial Alliance were all shocked when they saw this scene.

Dillon, Hobbes, and Haber felt their hair stand on end as a chill went down their spines. The last time they faced an attack from the Heavenly Evil Sect, they had the courage to fight back. But now, looking at these super strong warriors, they did not even have the courage to resist!

The difference in power was too enormous. Any sort of resistance would be futile.

Despite this, Dillon braced himself and flew forward. Bowing to the many super masters, he said, "I am the leader of the World Commercial Alliance, and I am here to greet you, powerful masters from the divine kingdom!"

Miguel who was in the lead looked at the fat man in front of him indifferently and asked, "Where is Zen?"

Dillon was indeed strong, but only in front of the warriors in the Central Region. For Miguel he was nothing more than a top-level war lord. In the Sea God Continent, a martial artist of his level could only be used in the fight for a seat at the top floor of the Tower of Sin.

possess the ability to gain such influence on such a group, let alone on other masters of the Life and Death Realm.

To do so, one had to establish a divine kingdom and set up a monarchy, only then would it be possible to make all the warriors in the Central Region submit. However, it would take a long time to consolidate imperial power and make all the warriors in the Central Region acknowledge and respect the monarch.

Even so, the really powerful masters would not bow to the emperor in such a manner.

But these powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm were kneeling in front of Lavender. It was really happening right before everyone's eyes. The devout look on their faces came from their hearts — it was definitely not something one could fake.

Dillon was speechless at this sight although he really wanted to shout, 'Oh! Heavens and earth! Somebody tell me just what happened?!'

No matter how much they racked their brains, nobody would have ever guessed that the sword spirit inside Zen was the queen of the Demon Night, the spiritual totem that ruled over the entire Demon Night race. In the Upper World, even the world lords, who were much more powerful than Lavender, had to salute her, let alone the masters at the Soul Sea Realm. It was a perfectly normal thing for them to do.

Lavender glanced at some of the powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm and said lightly, "Please rise."

Only then did the masters of the Demon Night stand up and respectfully retreat to the side.

Dillon hesitantly floated over to Zen, and asked in a trembling voice, "Zen, what … what's going on?"

He had heard Miguel addressing Zen as Mr. Luo. Dillon suddenly wondered if it was appropriate for him to address Zen by his first name, seeing as he was inferior to the powerful beings present here.

But Zen was only twenty years old! Should he be referring to Zen as "Master Luo"? This was too weird. He wouldn't even treat Eddie with such reverence!

Dillon was truly conflicted.

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