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   Chapter 1050 Bitterness

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"But...but..." the person reporting the information stammered.

"You can't even speak properly. What a stupid good-for-nothing you are!" Xiao snapped furiously. The person reporting the matter was one of his subordinates for whom he had high hopes. The fellow was usually calm and steady, but today, he was blabbering like a moron.

Xiao felt something was amiss. "What happened exactly?" he asked.

"There...there are a lot of people outside, many warriors," the flustered man said.

"Many warriors? What level of strength do they have?" Xiao asked again.

"I'm not sure. Sir, you'd better check it out personally," the man suggested.

Xiao snorted coldly. His puzzlement grew. 'What kind of warriors are these who have scared the life out of him?' he wondered.

He walked out of his residence and looked up. He saw around a hundred people floating in the sky.

"What kind of strength..." he muttered as he looked at the army of warriors. He inhaled sharply and cold air filled his nose, making him cough violently.


Xiao was a warrior at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. However, when he saw the scene above him, he could not stop coughing, as if he could no longer control his body.

"Life and Death Realm experts!

They are all Life and Death Realm experts!

There must be about a hundred of them!

No, the first few are not Life and Death Realm experts. They are far more powerful! Are they the legendary Soul Sea Realm experts?" Xiao finally stopped coughing with great difficulty. His eyes were wide with disbelief.

'Oh, my God!'

After a momentary lapse, Xiao's mind began to work quickly.

'These martial artists can't possibly be from the Central Region. There's only one possibility: they must be from the four divine kingdoms on the other side of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.'

The Heavenly Evil Sect had fought against World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall in Oracle City. The news had spread throughout the entire Central Region.

People had also been spreading news that the York Divine Kingdom was about to invade the Central Region.

However, Xiao was not anxious. His sect was merely a third-grade one. Even if the York Divine Kingdom really did occupy the Central Region, he could choose to submit to it.

Back when the Heavenly Evil Sect was rampant, the Fish Dragon Sect didn't fight back and chose to become a member of the former sect. Even Xiao himself had declared that he wanted to join the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom


"Have the powerhouses from the divine kingdom arrived? So fast!"

"How should we deal with them this time?"

The martial artists of Oracle City were in a tizzy.

An Internal Elixir Realm warrior stood on the wall and inspected the situation. In the end, he mumbled, "There are around a hundred Life and Death Realm martial artists. How can we deal with them?"

As the bells rang, the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance and about twenty Virtual Tribulation Realm elders flew over. They gathered together, looking at the experts in the sky, horrified.

Zen had said that he would ask Soul Sea Realm experts to help him, but Dillon and the others knew the reality. It would be a miracle even if one or two arrived.

A favor from a powerful warrior of the Soul Sea Realm wouldn't come easy. It would cost a lot.

But it didn't matter how many of them would come to their rescue. Even with only one or two Soul Sea Realm experts holding the fort in Oracle City, there would be a better chance of fighting against the York Divine Kingdom.

After all, the York Divine Kingdom wouldn't send too many Soul Sea Realm experts to the Central Region. Although the divine kingdom was far more powerful than the Central Region, the Soul Sea Realm experts were more valuable. They wouldn't dispatch all their experts just to suppress the tiny Central Region.

However, it was the experts of the divine kingdom who had arrived before the Soul Sea Realm experts Zen had mentioned.

"There are nine Soul Sea Realm experts and ninety Life and Death Realm experts." Dillon said bitterly, "It doesn't matter anymore whether Zen's reinforcements come or not."

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