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   Chapter 1049 Charging Forward

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Everyone's collective gaze was focused on Zen.

Dillon's question was also what everyone was most concerned about.

Zen had said that they could have the help of the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm. But they were nowhere to be seen. Where were they?

There were many hermits in the Central Region

who never ventured into active society. Even the World Commercial Alliance knew little about some of them. It was said that there were even two or three Life and Death Realm warriors among them. But who they were, no one knew.

However, there were no powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm among the hermits.

Where would Zen get the Soul Sea Realm warriors from?

"Master Shi, I will give you the answer in seven days. Please be patient," Zen said, folding his hands respectfully.

Dillon nodded. He believed in Zen the most. Moreover, Zen had no reason to lie; it would not benefit him in any way. Moreover, the powerful masters of the York Divine Kingdom were targeting Zen.

As to the others, they were still somewhat skeptical about what Zen was saying. Seven days would pass by very quickly and soon enough, they would know whether or not Zen's words were true.

Hanson had originally followed Zen here, greedily hoping for rewards. But when he heard talks about the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, he suddenly felt dizzy and confused.

However this meeting hall was full of warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. A mere nature creature like him would tremble in the face of any one of them. He didn't dare to interrupt.

Sensing the lull in the conversation, he said in a low voice, "Well, about my reward…" and the voice trailed off.

Dillon looked coldly at Hanson and then ordered someone beside him to take Hanson to get the supreme life vitality crystals.

Hanson didn't dare ask Zen about joining the Cloud Hall, but he was smart enough to understand the situation. Since Zen had agreed to it, Hanson believed that he would keep his promise. So he thought that he could go to the Cloud Hall once he had obtained a thousand supreme life vitality crystals. Once he told them that Zen had promised him about letting him join the Cloud Hall, the Cloud Hall couldn't refuse him.

Zen summoned Lavender once he returned to the Heavenly Stellar Palace.

Lavender had been hiding within Zen's body all this time, so she knew why Zen had summoned her.

When they had left the Sea God Continent, Amber had connected a message rune to Lavender's statue.

Since Lavender's soul was too weak, she was unable to communicate with the Demon Night's sacred land through the statue like the other queens did.

However, with the special message rune connected to the queen's statue, she knew that it would work.

Once Zen ignited the message rune, Lavender closed her eyes. Her eyelashes trembled as she entered a different state of mind.

Tens of thousands of miles away, the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place stood on the Sea God Continent across the endless sea.

The members of the Demon Night from the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place had a routine that consisted of worshiping at the supreme queens

f the Central Region, a huge space windstorm suddenly whirled into existence.

An enormous transmission array appeared in the air.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! The space storm roared.

Such a massive space windstorm could crush ordinary martial artists to pieces.

But within this space windstorm was a squad of over a hundred warriors who seemed to have completely ignored the windstorm and forcefully rushed out of the transmission array.

The group consisted of over a hundred warriors and was led by nine powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm. Everyone else were powerful war sages.

"This is the Central Region? Zen's hometown?" As Miguel glanced down at the distant coastline of the continent, he didn't know what to feel.

Before Zen had come to the Sea God Continent, the humans of the Purple Heart Sacred Place had always been like orphans, grabbing on to a corner on the Sea God Continent to survive. He hadn't thought that the continent that Zen had lived on would be completely ruled by humans.

"Let's go," a powerful Soul Sea Realm master from the Demon Night said after she had looked over the place. She didn't feel the same way as Miguel did. Their only motive that had driven the members of the Demon Night to come here was to serve their queen.

And so, this group of over a hundred martial artists began to charge forward.

"S-Sir, something terrible has happened!" A scream rent the air from the direction of the Fish Dragon Sect that was located in the outermost region of the Central Region.

"What are you panicking about?" When Master Xiao, who was the leader of the Fish Dragon Sect heard the scream, his face darkened as he shouted at the person who had spoken, "When we cultivate our warrior spirit, the most important thing is to stay calm. Panic will not help you achieve anything!"

Master Xiao fumed, his cleverness and sophistication coming to the fore.

The Heavenly Evil Sect had ravaged half of the Central Region, and many of the third grade forces were destroyed. However, the Fish Dragon Sect managed to survive without much damage.

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