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   Chapter 1048 The Soul Sea Realm Masters

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Hanson quickly nodded and said, "The ancient jades were left behind by my ancestor."

Zen was also anxious and naturally impatient as the fellow in front of him wasn't giving him a straight answer.

"So, I don't know where exactly the ancient jades came from..." Hanson repeated.

Upon hearing this, a murderous look took over Zen's face. He stared at Hanson and said coldly, "You're playing a trick on me!"

Hanson was stunned to find himself suddenly enveloped in Zen's killing intent. His face turned deathly pale and his legs went weak. Unexpectedly, he knelt on the ground. "I don't dare fool you. Please let me finish what I'm going to say first!"

"Speak!" commanded Zen tersely.

"The ancient jades have indeed been left behind by my ancestors. However, our Li Clan saved someone seven hundred years ago. That person... He is a master from one of the four great divine kingdoms!" Hanson quickly added, "Our Li Clan was able to develop and become more powerful because of him! Although my ancestors haven't told me about the history of the ancient jades, I'm assuming they might have been left behind by him."

"They came from the four divine kingdoms!" Zen suddenly raised his eyebrows.

There was some truth in Hanson's conjecture. He had never heard of the ancient jades in the Central Region but they contained miraculous life force.

If the ancient jades came from the Central Region, other members of the region would have found them long ago as they were very powerful.

Irrespective of that, Zen had finally found a clue. The life force contained in these ancient jades was not enough to wake Letitia up, so he had to make a trip to the four divine kingdoms!

When Zen was lost in thought, he saw Hanson looking at him eagerly. He naturally understood what he was thinking, so he said, "Follow me."

Hanson was overjoyed. He followed closely behind Zen and they went straight to the World Commercial Alliance.

The atmosphere in the World Commercial Alliance was still solemn. Despite Zen's promise of single-handedly dealing with the Soul Sea Realm masters of the York Divine Kingdom, Dillon and the others were still preparing for the battle.

But no matter how much the World Commercial Alliance members, who were highly intelligent, tried, they still couldn't come up with an effective strategy for the war.

The Central Region and the four great divine kingdoms were on completely different levels. Up until now, the Central Region never had a sacred place in its true sense, and the four great divine kingdoms had a long history with quite a few Soul Sea Realm warriors. Thus it was possible that the four great divine kingdoms might be stronger than the Sea God Continent.

Even Eddie, who was at the Life and Death Realm, almost destroyed the Cloud Hall and the World Commerci

very simple! Indeed, I do not have the strength to fight a Soul Sea Realm master, but since the York Divine Kingdom will send their Soul Sea Realm masters here, we can also ask our Soul Sea Realm masters to fight them!"

"What?" Everyone in the meeting hall was shocked.

Soul Sea Realm masters? The Central Region didn't have any such powerful masters.

"Zen, are you joking?" asked an elder of the World Commercial Alliance, shaking his head. He did not believe Zen at all.

"I am not joking," Zen said calmly.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion, but they felt that Zen was being illogical. Hobbes questioned him, "If you have the help of the Soul Sea Realm masters, why didn't they show up to help you when you were fighting with Eddie?"

Zen was almost killed by Eddie in the battle against the Heavenly Evil Sect, and Letitia had been unable to wake up because of Eddie.

Zen's eyes flashed. "Because Eddie is someone I must kill on my own! In order to stabilize my warrior spirit, I must personally kill Eddie! This is my test and also the first step towards conquering the whole universe!" he exclaimed.

Zen's words reverberated throughout the room as an aura of majesty erupted from him. This was his domineering demeanor.

His domineering aura was completely different from that of Eddie whose aura was extremely crass and imperious. Eddie couldn't be bothered to reason with anyone and would suppress all those who opposed him. But Zen had an impressive aura!

Who would have thought that he would actually risk his life to fight Eddie in order to reinforce his warrior spirit! He clearly had a safer option, but he was willing to risk his life and chose the most difficult path. And he would do so bravely.

Everyone was silent for a long time.

Finally Dillon asked, "Well, may I know where the Soul Sea Realm masters you mentioned are?"

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