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   Chapter 1047 The Beggar (Part Two)

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And so he made a plan. When he entered Oracle City, he found a few, secret places and hid the remaining seven pieces of ancient jade in seven different locations. Only he knew where they were. No one else would be able to find and use them except him.

However, he was now facing a dilemma. He did not expect Zen to see through his plans so quickly. He fidgeted as he thought of the best way to answer his question. Zen was quick to notice the beggar's hesitation, and he knew immediately that his speculation was right on the mark. He asked the question again, this time more sternly. "How many pieces of ancient jade are left? Where are they?"

"I...I..." Hanson Li stuttered. He originally wanted Zen to swear on his warrior spirit that he would live up to his promise. That way, he would have a guarantee that he would get what he wanted, even if he had to give up the seven pieces of the ancient jade. However, under Zen's severe expression, his tongue kept on trembling.

Zen was getting more and more ticked off at the beggar's seeming refusal to answer. "The things that I have promised will definitely be fulfilled!" he assured him. "In the future, you will be a member of the Cloud Hall and you will be under its protection. Now answer my questions," he demanded.

Zen did not want to waste a single more second bargaining. He needed to know how many more pieces of ancient jade the man had.

"Seven! I still have seven pieces of ancient jade. I buried them all outside Oracle City." The words poured out quickly from Hanson Li's mouth.


Zen felt the heavy weight of disappointmen

time that he had seen a piece of ancient jade that contained life energy. If Hanson Li could give him any clue, he was determined to go and find these pieces of ancient jade at all costs. He wouldn't just sit still and watch as Letitia's life energy dwindled.

"Tell me," Zen repeated when the man did not answer. "Tell me everything you know about these jades, and 1, 000 supreme life vitality crystals will be yours. You will also become an elite disciple of Cloud Hall."

Now that the Heavenly Evil Sect and the Ethereal Spirit Sect had been annihilated, the Cloud Hall was the largest sect in the Central Region apart from the World Commercial Alliance. Even when the Cloud Hall was only a fourth-grade sect, warriors from the Central Region had all been rushing in like a flock of birds, and competition had only escalated from then.

As a nature creature with a mediocre talent in martial arts cultivation, Hanson Li could never hope to enter Cloud Hall. However, right in front of him was an opportunity to change his fate. How could he let this chance go by?

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