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   Chapter 1046 The Beggar (Part One)

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There was no guarantee that this ancient jade would be of any use, but Zen would take any chance he could get. He was a desperate man clutching at straws.

There was only one way to find out if it could heal Letitia. At the very least, he would be able to feel the life energy within this ancient jade.

He had no more time to waste. Letitia, who used to be full of life energy, was quickly wasting away. The Life and Death Wind had all but depleted her life energy. Zen didn't know how much longer she could last, and he prayed silently that she would be able to absorb

and tried his luck. The Li Clan had already been buried in the dust of the past, but he might be able to change his future.

According to the old records of his clan, the ancient jade contained life energy, and from what he had seen just now, it seemed that it was indeed useful.

Hanson Li was no fool. He knew that if he were to take all the pieces of ancient jade and give them all at once, he would not be able to make the most use out of them. There were also plenty of stronger warriors than him. If they were to snatch away the jade, all his hopes would be gone.

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