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   Chapter 1045 Ancient Jade

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Zen still felt the chances were slim.

The famous doctor, Zaine Xue, had already examined Letitia and proclaimed that she was not injured, nor did she harbor any kind of disease. Her life energy was just depleted and left her in a vegetative state, like a wilted flower.

There was no way one could bring a wilted flower back to life. However, Zen was not going to give up.

Letitia was also struggling with her life, and he had no right to give up on her.

Many disciples of Cloud Hall had already returned to Cloudy City through the transmission array. Since Letitia's condition made her unable to take charge of the sect's affairs, the elders agreed to have Zen become the interim leader for the time being.

It was a very suitable arrangement. After his victory against Eddie, Zen was now the number one warrior in Central R

tter. However, the ancient jade the beggar had shown to the guards changed his mind.

The beggar wasn't lying. Zen could indeed feel the life energy from the ancient jade. Using his perception to scan it, he discovered that it was similar to a living thing.

"Take him away!

Make sure to put him behind bars. That'll teach him!"

A few guards had already grabbed the beggar by the shoulder, preparing to escort him out of the palace.

It was then that Zen decided to make his appearance. "Hold on!"

The leader of the guards immediately bowed down in shame once he realized that Zen had actually been alerted. "Master Luo, we..."

"Silence," Zen said dismissively. He then turned to the beggar. "Come with me!"

A look of ecstasy appeared on the beggar's face at Zen's words. As for the guards, they immediately let him go.

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