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   Chapter 1044 Confusion

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Zen did not hold anything back from his loved ones. This included his fate to lead the world of chaos with Yan as his guide. He was a little muddled about these things, for they were mere guesses and conjectures, but he wanted Yan to understand that this was their fate.

If he wanted complete control of his destiny, he needed to have enough strength. Unfortunately, he wasn't strong enough right now. Far from it.

Because he was unable to change his and Yan's fate, he could only watch helplessly as Yan was taken away.

Zen slowly narrated the situation while Yan listened on quietly. When Zen talked about all the dangers he had dealt with, she widened her eyes and covered her mouth with her small hands, a worried expression on her face.

Yan found it hard to swallow that her brother had experienced so much danger in the past few years, and all of it for her sake.

When Zen finished speaking, Yan let out a long sigh of relief. She vaguely understood their fate.

The two siblings were destined to walk a life of struggle.

However, compared to Zen, Yan was a bit more fortunate, for she only needed to be patient and wait for her brother.

Zen, however, was risking his blood and life to fight his fate. In this journey of destiny, any misstep could lead him to death.

"I'm sorry, but I understand now." Yan's eyes were red. She knew that she shouldn't have blamed him.

Zen just smiled. "I should be the one apologizing to you. I'm worthless. If I had enough strength, I wouldn't have let anyone take you away, even if it was God's will. Certainly not that young man."

Hearing Zen's words, Yan smiled back. "I believe you. You'll get stronger soon."

Yan's eyes shone with blinding trust.

The reunion was short, but the brother and sister cherished every second of it. They strolled in the forest before reluctantly entering the Ethereal Spirit Hall.

As they walked in, Zen's gaze landed on the young man's face. "I can allow you to take Yan away," he stated coldly.

The young man's mouth curved in a faint smirk. "You don't have the ability to refuse."

A streak of vital light left Zen's eyes. He fixed his gaze on the young man, replying, "You are right. I'm not strong enough to stop you at the moment. But I will be one day. If anything bad happens to Yan before it, you will pay!"

Zen didn't feel that the young man in front of him was very hostile. His reason for taking Yan away was not so bothersome, so Zen's tone was not too harsh.

Unexpectedly, the young man

Zen was worried about his sister even before the latter headed to the Ethereal Spirit Sect, so he had waited to discuss this matter with Zen.

With Zen back at the World Commercial Alliance, Dillon wasted no time in approaching him.

From Zen's tone before, Dillon deemed that he had found a way to tackle the situation. However, Dillon couldn't figure out how Zen planned to deal with the Soul Sea Realm warriors from the York Divine Kingdom.

Perceiving the worries of Dillon and the others, Zen smiled. "I have a way to deal with the matter. The connections of the World Commercial Alliance are all over the Central Region. Please help me look for someone extraordinary who would be capable of curing Letitia."

The confident expression on Zen's face confused the three leaders of World Commercial Alliance. Previously, fighting Eddie had been difficult enough for him. Why was he so confident about facing the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm? What the hell was Zen up to?

Could it be that Zen had retained his strength and was able to face the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm successfully?

That was impossible!

But if so, Zen wouldn't have just let Eddie use the Life and Death Wind, causing Letitia to confront this fate.

But what else could explain Zen's utter confidence?

The three leaders could not come up with an answer to this question no matter how hard they tried. Zen had never let them down before. They wondered if he truly had a solution.

Dillon agreed to it, promising that the World Commercial Alliance would mobilize all their connections to find this one extraordinary person who could come up with a way to save Letitia.

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