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   Chapter 1043 Confiding In Yan (Part Two)

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If there was something that man knew well, it was patience. He only smiled at Zen and said, "Time doesn't matter to me. Do as you wish."

Time was limited for most ordinary mortals, but for people like him who had lived for millions of years, it didn't really matter that much.

"Thank you," Zen glanced at the man before he pulled Yan's hand and walked out of the Ethereal Spirit Hall.

Although the Ethereal Spirit Sect had been invaded by the Heavenly Evil Sect, it had also been chosen as their temporary headquarters. Therefore, its surroundings were well-preserved and taken care of. It was nothing like the Ethereal City, where the independent warriors had taken away all that they could carry and destroyed those they couldn't.

As they walked out of the Ethereal Spirit Hall, a green scenery inundated their eyes. It was a sight to behold.

They walked side by side along a shady path lined by trees. Zen looked quite calm, while Yan's face was filled with distress. She was bothered by the same question. Why couldn't Zen just get her out of that place?

"Why can't you just take me with you?"

After walking for a short distance, Yan suddenly stopped and asked. There was an unpleasant look in her eyes and her tone resembled that of a kid throwing a tantrum.

After thinking for a while, Zen replied with all due honesty, "That man in the hall will be the one to take you, not me."

"I don't want to go with him," Yan replied, shaking her head. They had been separated for such a long time, and now that Zen had killed Eddie, was

" Yan enthusiastically nodded. Although unhappy about their current circumstance, Yan genuinely wanted to know what had happened to her brother in those years that had passed. She was curious about his experiences and how he had managed to eliminate Eddie in just a short period of time.

"In fact, I saw you at the Oracle City's Martial Arts Contest two years ago. But your senses were fully blocked then," Zen said.

"Really?" Yan exclaimed, having no single memory of that occurrence at all.

They continued to stroll along the green path as Zen told his stories after the last time they saw each other. The Cloud Road test, the enrollment of the Cloud Hall, the Martial Arts Contest, the competition for the Dragon Soar Arena, the fight with Marilyn, the activation of the enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb, the journey to the Sea God Continent...

Zen told every single experience he had to Yan without any reservation. They had been apart for too long, and the truth of all things was the only gift he could give her.

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