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   Chapter 1042 Confiding In Yan (Part One)

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The short lives of those two siblings were to be full of misfortunes. It was as if it was written in the stars that they had to go through such so that they might serve their true purpose.

Ever since they got older, the chance to stay together became rare. Whenever they had an opportunity to be with one another, an obstacle came each time.

Martial cultivators could keep growing stronger because of their natural advantage and unique luck, but it was almost impossible for them to escape their fate.

Just like what others had told Zen, Yan was his ultimate guide in life. Every step that he took had a purpose that was related to her. Their lives were connected.

When he was still in the Luo Clan, Zen had always intended to head to the Cloud Sect in search for his sister. After he successfully located her, his next objective was to save her. Because of his excellence as a disciple, he was able to take her away from the Hell Mountain.

Unexpectedly, after a short period of reunion, they had been separated once again for several years. They never saw each other since.

All of Yan's six senses had been blocked, so she didn't have much clue what was happening around her — not even the passing of time. Her memory had also stopped processing new thoughts and absorbing new ones two years ago.

Back then, she despaired for the most part.

The only thought that stuck with her, for the most part, was if her brother could really save her from Eddie.

It was without question that Zen was extremely talented, but he was in the Eastern Region. Her brother had fought formidable opponents in the Eastern Region, but the Central Region had their own ferocious talents

o something on unfamiliar grounds that no one else ever did.

Seeing Yan's shocked expression, Zen smiled softly. In a serious tone, he reassured, "I will never lie to you. Eddie is dead, really dead this time. And it was I who killed him."

"I believe you!" Yan responded firmly. Since Zen had already confirmed it, how could she doubt her brother? He said it himself, he wasn't lying to her and he never could.

For some reason, she couldn't help but worry. She asked, "Then…

Will you get me out of this place?"

If Eddie really was dead, then she had finally regained her freedom. She could return to her brother's side safe and sound and without any more obstacles. Her mind hadn't stopped working despite all her blocked senses. While she was imprisoned in the world where only her consciousness existed, she had always looked forward to the very day her brother came to the rescue.

However, Zen shook his head and said no.

The expression on Yan's face shifted quickly. Raising her voice by a notch, she asked, "Why?"

At that moment, Zen turned his head and asked, "Can't you give me a little more time?"

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