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   Chapter 1041 Yan Woke Up

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Zen had no idea how this power was formed. He couldn't even feel the waves of life vitality within it.

No matter what kind of power this young man used, Zen had to go all out to fight him.

The light quickly spread towards Zen, who concentrated with all his might and activated all the power of the stars that he could muster. Simultaneously, the power of the dragon scales that had begun to simmer erupted with a mighty boom.

The collective force of his power was enough to destroy a mountain range or cut off a river in its path.

But only when the light circles reached Zen did he realize the difference between him and this young man.

The light circles looked peaceful. People couldn't even feel the energy contained within them. But the moment Zen touched them, he felt a formidable force radiating from them.

He wouldn't be able to shake them off even if his strength increased tenfold.


The first light circle suddenly exploded, and the rest followed in close succession.

The energy within the light circles should have been enough to destroy the whole of the Ethereal Spirit Sect. But instead of spreading in all directions as it should have, it was behaving strangely and went directly towards Zen.


There was another ringing sound.

Zen was sent flying backwards like an arrow. He flew past the Ethereal Spirit Hall, the entire Ethereal Spirit Sect, the plains, and the Ethereal City.

Zen, having been pushed by this powerful force, flew at a speed that was 20 times faster than when he flew with the burst of his life vitality and forceful energy. He had now managed to travel several hundred miles in a matter of a few seconds.

Zen finally crashed into a lush forest, colliding and crashing through hundreds of trees before he finally came to a stop.

The forest had become a mess. If one looked at the expanse from above, one could see a small path appear at the edge of the forest and gradually make its way inward. Broken tree trunks littered this path.

This small path was one that Zen's body had carved during his descent.

A killer weasel stealthily ran across the forest. It was small in size, but was actually a ferocious third grade beast. Its gaze rested on Zen for a few seconds before it disappeared into the depths of the forest. The aura that Zen's body was emitting clearly told it that he was not someone that it could provoke.

Zen took a long time trying to suppress the shock he was feeling as he lay prostrate on the forest floor, but in vain. Had it just been one ten-millionth of his total strength? If the young man used his full strength, wouldn't he be able to destroy this boundless world with just a wave of his hand?

The e

so rather troublesome to use, which was why the World Commercial Alliance rarely used it.

Using this method to bring a few warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm to the World Commercial Alliance was meaningless. However, if it was for the Lustful Demon Array, this secret technique could be very valuable for Eddie.

The process of sealing the six senses was extremely troublesome, and unsealing the six senses was similarly extremely complicated. If they were to bring Yan back, it was likely that they would have to take great efforts and spend at least several months before they could unlock the sealing.

But this young man had carelessly waved his hand and solved the problem in the blink of an eye. It was truly incredible.

Yan immediately woke up, her eyelids twitching before she opened her eyes. People could see the confusion in her eyes.

Her six senses had been sealed for over two years, and even though she had been constantly cultivating during these two years, her entire body and mind had been sealed. If martial artists who were over a hundred years old had been treated the way Yan had been treated, the sealing probably wouldn't have had much of an impact on them. After all, in the long years of a warrior's life, it was common for a martial artist to go into closed-door cultivation for ten years, or even a hundred years.

However, Yan was still young. In her short life so far, she had spent one-tenth of her time with her six senses sealed. This would have a negative impact on her body and mind.

She was at a loss now, her mind filled with doubt as she looked at the strange surroundings and the strange faces in front of her.

A familiar figure suddenly entered her sight, filling her oval face with surprise. She finally opened her mouth and called out to Zen. "Brother..."

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