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   Chapter 1040 One Ten-millionth Of Power

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Warm blood continued to gush out from the girls' necks, and then it soaked their clothes. Zen's heart sank as he watched. Countless thoughts raced in his mind.

Red blood continued to spill out of Yan's neck. She was losing her life fast.

Millions of miles away from the Central Region, strange birds circled a desolate mountain beneath the vast sky.

All of the strange birds spread out their wide, expansive wings, which looked like the size of a small universe.

On a closer look, there were many living creatures that tried to settle down on the birds' bodies. Some of them were even warriors who tried to cultivate on the birds' wings, in hopes of flying into the Upper World one day.

But however large the strange birds were, they were nothing compared to the massive mountain behind them. They were like small black dots on the largest sheet of paper.

Because of the mountain's colossal size that exceeded people's imaginations, its height was difficult to measure. No one could see the entire mountain even from any angle.

On the mountain peak, several people quietly sat down as they gazed at the chaotic turn of events in the distance.

Nobody knew how much time they had been sitting there. It could be a day or a thousand years, even.

For them however, time seemed to stop and flow quickly in succession. A thousand years could pass in a blink of an eye.

"There seems to be a problem. The pointer is about to die," a young man who wore a feathered crest said.

"Yes, I feel it too. If we don't do anything, then we will meet a dead end." Another white-haired old man nodded slightly.

"Do something then," said the young man.

Before either of them could respond, they were cut off by another voice.

"I won't.

The guy couldn't even protect his sister. Why did you choose him? He's not the only one who can lead the world of chaos! Can't you just pick another one?" a chubby man who stood at the edge of the mountain said.

He shook his fat head to reject the young man's earlier suggestion when no one seemed to agree with him.

"You don't know. He is very special, and the Heavenly Fragment is already in his hands," the young man muttered.

"If you want to help him, do it by yourself. I don't want to get myself involved," the fat man said in refusal.

"Alright, I'll go by myself!"

With a huff, the young man disappeared from the mountain peak.

Meanwhile, time passed quietly in the Ethereal Spirit Hall.

Every passing second sent a jolt of pain to Zen's heart. Every time he watched the girls' bloody necks, he felt shattered.


eme Lord wouldn't be able to make her look that alarmed.

"You are the little girl from the Demon Night who is in charge of killings." The young man smiled and nodded at Lavender.

After Lavender became the Queen of Killings, she had lived for many years in the Demon Night. However, she was still a little girl for the young man. Thus, Zen couldn't even imagine how long this man had been alive.

"Yan is Zen's pointer. The two of them complement each other. It's not good for you to take her away like this," Lavender shifted her gaze to the young man and pleaded.

"Rather than making her suffer, it's better to go to the last step and take her away. If Zen has the strength, she will still guide him up the mountain," the young man replied.

No words came out of Lavender's lips. She knew that she couldn't change the young man's mind. Even if she held a high position in the Demon Night, the young man was much stronger than her.

However, Zen wouldn't give his sister up to the young man that easily. He ignored the young man and Lavender's conversation and continued to walk towards Yan. He felt a pang in his heart when he saw Yan's six senses that were sealed. He wanted to remove the seal on her.

"Don't go any further." The young man stopped in front of Zen and stretched out a finger. "I don't want to leave a shadow on your warrior spirit. If you go forward, I'll let you feel my power!"

"Your power?" Zen raised his eyebrows and glared at the young man.

"Yes, one ten-millionth of my power." The young man smiled.

He stretched a finger out, and then circles of light spread out from his fingertip.

When Zen saw the light, his face became serious.

Was that really just one ten-millionth of his power?

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