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   Chapter 1039 Threat

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The Ethereal Spirit Sect had been plunged into complete chaos.

Back when they had attacked the place, the members of the Heavenly Evil Sect were arrogant and completely ruthless.

Rather than just taking over the sect, they had also desecrated it. The carved plaque with the words "Ethereal Spirit Sect" that had decorated the Ethereal Spirit Hall in the past had been shattered and replaced by the invaders. The new plaque weighed more than ten thousand pounds and was gilded with sparkling gold. It read "Heavenly Evil Sect" which signified the complete takeover of the entire headquarters.

It was a pity that such a grand plaque only hung for a few months.

The Heavenly Evil Sect was like a meteor that had risen in the sky but ended up crashing into the earth later on. The independent warriors that had joined thought they would be able to lead a peaceful and noble life in the Central Region, but the death of their leader changed all that.

It also did not help that most of the independent warriors that had joined had no loyalty ties to the sect. They merely joined but were not necessarily trained and molded by the Heavenly Evil Sect. At first, they couldn't escape because of the elders, but once the elders themselves fled, the warriors soon followed.

Eden had been left behind and stayed in the Ethereal Spirit Hall. Beside him were two women who had their six senses sealed off: Yan, and Owen's lover. Both possessed the Purple Power Body.

Their senses had been sealed until Eddie could find the third and final Purple Power Body. Through this secret technique, the two women's cultivation base had already reached the middle stage of the Internal Elixir Realm.

Eden sat on the large dragon throne, yet this was the most powerless moment of his entire life.

Everything had been so different just a few months ago. He had happily visualized the future of the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom as the sole power in the entire Central Region. His father would be the king, and he would be the crown prince. They would be strong and unshakeable, and no one in Central Region would be able to resist them.

But now, everything had come crashing down around him and he realized how childish his past dreams were.

It was only then that he realized that Zen was his and his father's invincible opponent.

But did it really matter at this point? Wasn't it already too late? He had nowhere else to go. There were still a few independent warriors within their Heavenly Evil Sect but they could all flee and conceal their identities.

Eden might've been a divine-level talent but h

usion after a while. This guy only desired revenge and wanted to kill Yan in front of him!

How could he protect Yan's life?

How could he eliminate Eden as fast as possible?

Zen wasn't so confident about the situation. His movement speed was fast and he knew he could kill Eden in the blink of an eye using his forceful energy and his Cloud-chasing Lion talent. However, Eden's life vitality threads wrapped tightly around Yan's neck and just one slight move of his finger could kill her.

No matter how fast he could move, Eden would be faster.

"You look very calm," Eden remarked. "But I know you're just pretending. I can see that you're very scared!"

"You're right," Zen affirmed.

"I am indeed afraid that you would kill my sister. But…"

"But what?" Eden asked.

"But..." Just as he spoke, Zen circulated his forceful energy and took a step forward.

However, as he had thought, Eden was quicker and more vigilant than him. Zen's figure only flashed for a moment but Eden's finger had already tightened and drew more blood out of the two women's necks.


Owen shouted, hurriedly stopping Zen from advancing.

"You take me for a fool?" Eden smirked at the two.

"Do you, Zen?"

Zen could only grit his teeth and glare at Eden in rage. The siege of the Ethereal Spirit Sect seemed to be backfiring on him. Had he known that this was going to happen, he would've just figured out a way to sneak into the sect and covertly rescue his sister. Zen truly did not anticipate Eden's intentions and behavior.

Eden, on the other hand, was just waiting for Zen to arrive so that he could kill Yan in front of him.

This was all exactly what Eden wanted and they were now all playing by his rules.

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