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   Chapter 1038 Life Energy In The Bucket

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Zen's heart was filled with sadness as he looked down at Letitia's peaceful, unconscious face.

He was a person who could normally keep his emotions in check but there was no way to hide the sorrow he felt at Letitia's current state.

He had emerged victorious in his battle with Eddie but it came with a terrible price. Most of Letitia's life energy had been taken away and she was now as good as dead.

This wasn't something that he could ever have foreseen.

The people outside continuously shouted his name and hailed him as their hero but Zen was in no mood to join in the festivities. He silently ignored the fanfare and flew towards Oracle City.

The three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance followed closely behind him. Right now, they were very concerned about what the boy had said to Zen regarding the possibility of the York Divine Kingdom sending their people to the Central Region.

If that truly happened, the Central Region would be plunged into the greatest crisis in history.

War was not uncommon in the Central Region. In its most chaotic state, the entire continent was made witness to the great sect wars wherein every sect fought for their own, attacking each other relentlessly in hopes of coming out on top. The war that had been started by the Heavenly Evil Sect was by no means unprecedented in Central Region's history.

However, these sect wars were ultimately internal conflicts.

The York Divine Kingdom was an entirely different continent and any battle fought with them could be considered a fight against a potential invader.

One Soul Sea Realm master would be enough to sweep through the entire Central Region.

Sure, they had Zen who was unprecedentedly strong but the fact remained that he was only a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. It would be impossible for him to go up against a Soul Sea Realm master. If a fight broke out between the Central Region and the York Divine Kingdom, who would rise up as their savior?

This was a genuine concern. The Star Storm in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars had already stopped meaning that Soul Sea Realm masters could now easily pass through and reach the Central Region.

A crisis loomed on the horizon but they were powerless to stop it.

Three days later…

Zen looked up at the sky silently as he stood in front of the palace's entrance doors.

An old man walked out from the palace and sighed with regret once he saw Zen waiting for him.

Oracle City was considered the richest in all of Central Region wherein all famous weapon refiners, alchemists, runic experts and doctors gathered.

This old man was an example of a famous expert doctor. His name was Zaine Xue and he could be counted as a first-rate, miracle-working healer in the Central Region where famous doctors from all over the world gathered.

"How is she?" Zen asked him anxiously.

But the expression on Zaine Xue's face was enough to answer Zen's question.

If the cyan dragon himself claimed that he couldn't do anything, what more a mere doctor in the Central Region could do?

However, desperat

bilizable force ready to go.

Once all warriors had been gathered, they all advanced towards the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

A few days later, Zen and several others appeared in the sky above the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Just as they arrived, all of the sect-protecting arrays in the Ethereal Spirit Sect had already been put in operation.

Despite that the Ethereal Spirit Sect had been taken over by the Heavenly Evil Sect, the sect-protecting array Arnold had left behind had not been completely destroyed. Although Eddie had already died, there had never been a lack of ambitious martial artists in this world.

The warriors of the Heavenly Evil Sect obviously hadn't given up and actually used the sect-protecting array of the Ethereal Spirit Sect as a last-ditch attempt to prolong their survival.

In the eyes of some of the Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors of the Heavenly Evil Sect, they only had to hold out until the York Divine Kingdom masters arrived and reversed the situation for them.

This was the only reason why they had not bothered with dispersing and remained to guard the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

"Arnold's Illusory Array is incomparable but it can only resist Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors," Zen remarked. "Break the array!"

The strength of the World Commercial Alliance's three leaders was equal to that of a Life and Death Realm warrior. Together with Zen, and a lot of other Virtual Tribulation Realm Warriors, breaking the sect-protecting array would be no problem.

The Heavenly Evil Sect was already doomed given that a lot of their Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors had already died or heavily wounded. Most of the warriors that survived had fled in all directions, living the rest of their lives in anonymity. There were not many who were willing to stay in the Heavenly Evil Sect and fight till death.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound was deafening as the Illusory Array crumbled under everyone's continuous attacks.

Zen's figure transformed into a beam of light as he rushed towards the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

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