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   Chapter 1037 Victory

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Zen stared calmly but coldly at Eddie. He knew from the beginning that this fight wouldn't be easy and that Eddie would not give in without a fight.

"Sooner or later the Central Region will be wiped out by the York Divine Kingdom. Hahahahaha!" Eddie laughed hysterically and his voice was sinister. His charred face looked like the face of a monster.

He reached out his trembling hands to fetch the Eight-diagram Mirror from his space ring and with fierce strength he threw it at Zen

who casually blocked and pushed the Eight-diagram Mirror to the side. The Eight-diagram Mirror fell and rolled a few times on the ground. When it came to a stop, a human figure slowly formed on its broken surface.

Everyone was looking at Zen. The battle between Zen and Eddie was what they were most concerned about. They wanted to see what tricks Eddie would use at the end of his resources.

A human figure slowly came out of the mirror. It was the figure of a boy that Zen had met before.

Zen looked at the little boy coming out of the mirror. With a look of contempt in his face he asked Eddie, "Is this your last resort? Is this all you've got? He is a nobody, someone I defeated without difficulty."

The boy suddenly spoke up, "Your name is Zen, right?"

"So what?" Zen coldly replied.

"You are right! Last time I lost our fight. We fought in the Melody City and that day I only lost a small part of my soul. Now that the Star Storm has stopped, you will get what you deserve. This is your end! Hahahaha! Soon the whole Central Region will become my land! And the secret hiding in the depths of your mind will also belong to me!" The boy laughed hysterically. That boy that had been defeated by Zen was Master Wallace.

Eddie also laughed. "Zen, I advise you to give up. Stop resisting! You are doomed! There are countless masters at the Soul Sea Realm in York Divine Kingdom. They can kill you in a flash. If you choose to surrender now, I can consider giving you a dignified death. Think about it, at least your dear ones will have a corpse to mourn."

All the warriors in the Oracle City trembled with fear hearing Eddie's and Master Wallace's threats. The Central Region was in the midst of a crisis and its defeat was imminent. How could they defeat Eddie now? Victory seemed so close and now all hope had vanished. How could they win with a York Divine Kingdom on Eddie's side?

And with the masters at the Soul Sea Realm…

The current strength of warriors in the Central Region was no match for that of Soul Sea Realm masters. A master at the Soul Sea Realm could be enough to sweep the entire Central Region away.

There were massive Star Storms in the skies above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, so it was very difficult for people to travel from the divine kingdoms to the Central Region. Only a few martial artists had been to the divine kingdoms and there wasn't much communication between the martial artists of these two regions.

To the Central Region, the four divine kingdoms were far too powerful. The Star Storm acted as a great barrier that protected the Central Region.

On the other hand, to the four divin

ile was gentle and sweet, bringing a feeling of ease to those who looked at her. She reached out her hand, trying to touch Zen's arm but he slowly avoided her and kept on walking towards Letitia.

Margaret's hand hung in the air and she felt heartbroken. She quickly gathered herself and reminded herself who she was. She rolled her bright eyes and followed Zen. She knew that Zen was in a bad mood and that this was not the time to be cranky.

Walking up to Letitia, Zen held her body in his arms and flew to the sky. While floating in the air he looked down at the warriors celebrating.

The army in the Oracle City did not suffer a great loss when compared to the Heavenly Evil Sect warriors. One third of the several hundred thousand martial artists of the Oracle City lost their lives, while almost all of the martial artists in the entire Heavenly Evil Sect were killed by Margaret's giant swords.

All of the martial artists had gathered and were happily celebrating. Someone from the crowd suddenly started to cheer, "Zen! The mighty!"

The sound came out loud and clear. Soon all the martial artists were shouting his name.

"Zen! The mighty!"

hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of voices followed.

All of the martial artists echoed and roared with their gazes turned to sky looking at Zen.

Zen today had become the savior of Oracle City. No, he had become the savior of all of the sects in the Central Region.

The martial artists then used their life vitality to amplify their voices and their cheers could be heard all across the Central Region.

Their people had suffered enough and now was time to celebrate the end of evil. Their roaring cheer for victory was thunderous. They screamed so loud with their life vitality that the sound became terrifying. From now on everyone would fear and respect Zen, the Mighty.

The common people in the entire Oracle City cheered happily and started to dance at the sound of roar as it drifted away.

Zen lowered his head. He stroked Letitia's black hair and softly whispered in her ear, "Tia, can you hear that?"

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