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   Chapter 1036 It's Over

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The warriors outside of the city saw the city wall, which was more than ten miles wide, begin to collapse like dominoes.

On the other hand, the warriors who were watching the fight on the city wall all quickly fled to avoid being trampled by the debris.


During the chasing, Zen thrust again with his sword. Eddie did not dodge in time, and so the sword left a long and narrow wound in his chest, causing blood to spill out.

If this happened earlier in the fight, right after Eddie activated his fiend bloodline and a special layer of scales appeared on his skin, Zen probably would not be able to cause him much harm.

After all, even when Zen was using all his attacking methods, he could not break through Eddie's defense.

But now the situation was vastly different.

Zen's Double Star Brilliance had completely burnt Eddie's outer layer of skin off, and the flesh underneath that was very tender and utterly defenseless. It would take him a long period of time to fully recover and regain his previous defense. Because of that, he was unable to defend himself against the top-grade sacred weapon that Zen was yielding.

If Eddie knew that Zen was still alive and that he would chase after him to kill him, he would have left the vicinity a long time ago and would have hidden in a remote place to recuperate and wait for his body's defenses to fully be back on their prime before returning.

But that was neither here nor there. He was now facing Zen with his body completely vulnerable to attacks and his strength greatly decreased.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zen chased him from one section of the city wall to another. From time to time, the figures of the two fighting warriors would appear among the shattered parts of the city wall. Everyone became dumbstruck the moment they saw this scene.

"Zen is really fierce. He is not afraid of Eddie at all. I thought he had been killed by Eddie, but I was wrong. He appeared again and began hunting Eddie. Wow! I admire him so much!"

"Zen's power is no longer something we could comprehend. His strength cannot be measured merely by his cultivation. Although his level is lower than Eddie's, Eddie is nowhere near matching his strength!"

"We're going to win! I can't believe he could really kill Eddie!"

The unbelievable scene unfolding before their very eyes immediately made the morale of the warriors in Oracle City rise. By the look of what was happening, the World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall were being miraculously saved single-handedly by Zen!


Finally, Eddie was able to get past the city wall and out of the city. As soon as he did, he ran towards Simon screaming, "Simon, help!"

Eddie, who was the number one warrior in the Central Region, was being chased by a man who was only twenty years old and had a lower cultivation level than his. With that, his reputation already took a nosedive. Undoubtedly, this tale would spread throughout the region's tea houses and restaurants, and would be the talk of the town in no

seconds! Ninety seconds!

The corner of Simon's mouth started to twitch. Only then did he admit, though unwillingly, that his poisonous net had no effect on Zen at all.

'What kind of monster is this brat?' he thought, fuming with anger. Simon sighed in his heart just as Eddie did when he realized that Zen was no ordinary warrior. After all, he knew that his poisonous net was on par with Eddie's Life and Death Wind. It having no effect on Zen shocked him immensely.

Dillon, Hobbes and Haber were still struggling with the snakes, but were closely following what was happening below. All of them had huge smiles on their faces.

Zen truly had the ability to stabilize any chaotic situation.


Zen buried his sword into Eddie's back again.

Eddie was at the end of his rope, while Zen had just undergone a cycle of reincarnation. The two were completely different in terms of physicality and mentality.

As the sword pierced through Eddie's body, Zen's forceful energy burst forth, pushing the sword down harder. It once again pierced through Eddie's chest, pinning him to the ground. Eddie was down, and had a very low chance to get up once again.

But how could Eddie be willing to give up?

The moment he was nailed to the ground, he was about to jump up, but Zen was already one step ahead. Zen stomped on his chest, pushing him further to the ground.

"It's over," Zen said as he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. His stare at Eddie was with finality.

Eddie raised his head and looked at Zen, his eyes finally showing signs of panic. This sect war was a sure win for him, and he was so close to establishing his own divine kingdom. But thanks to this little brat, the situation had turned for the worse and over a hundred thousand independent warriors were all dead! Now, he himself would be killed by Zen.

How could Eddie be willing to accept his failure?

Just then, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Eddie's lips. "It's over? Ha-ha! It's still far away from over! "

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